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On the road to becoming a

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Digitisation is fundamentally changing entire industries at an unprecedented pace. Successful enterprises will be those that find the right balance between innovation, customer centricity and operational excellence. This calls for courage and quick intervention. Become an industry pioneer and shape your digital future today.


On the road to becoming a smart enterprise


Customer proximity






Innovation – devising digital business models

The digital ecosystem of the future

Drones and driverless cars in logistics. 3D printers that make the spare parts warehouse obsolete. Wearables for fast and efficient repair services thanks to augmented reality. The technological revolution of digitisation is a reality in many places and turns solid enterprises into pioneers of the digital age.

More value with more customer focus

Pioneers embrace the disruptive potential of the Internet of Things as an opportunity. They apply its technological possibilities to novel business models. They align their offerings with customer needs faster and with greater precision. Thanks to data on customer behaviour, they are able to develop innovative services and products with a short time-to-market, and join digital ecosystems.

Take away – predictive maintenance: 5 steps to becoming a smart enterprise

Practices for successfully introducing a technology platform for predictive maintenance and more.

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Three future scenarios

Sharing e-bikes

From heating manufacturer to total solution provider

Auction platform for oil suppliers


On the road to becoming a smart enterprise

Customer proximity


Smart Products

for smart customers.

Focusing on benefits for customers

Knowing what customers want

In the digital age, customers are more demanding. They want personalised offers, constant access to all information, and a seamless end-to-end experience. The pioneers are using mobile, social and technologies among others to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. With predictive analytics, they can predict future behaviours and needs with greater precision. Time and again, they are faster to spot what their customers need.


Traditionally, after making a sale, the only interaction between the manufacturer and the customer was in the event of a machine or system fault. However, manufacturers gain new touch points when they give their products a digital footprint, or offer data-driven services. Industry pioneers are already offering predictive maintenance, reports for making production processes more efficient, and smart products coupled with mobile applications for their customer’s customer.

Take away – practical tips from pioneering projects

Six lessons learnt from our pioneering projects directed at innovative business models, services and products in the digital age.

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Three future scenarios

Greater customer proximity thanks to predictive maintenance

Personalised hearing profiles

Machines that know what you need


On the road to becoming a smart enterprise





Quantum leap resulting from digital processes

Optimising core processes step by step

Maximum automation is central to the manufacturing industry. Tomorrow’s pioneers are starting the next efficiency revolution today. Step by step, they are digitising production and logistics processes, and monitoring them in real time. Constant data analysis accelerates production, reduces error rates and exploits savings potential in end-to-end operation.

Radically reinventing efficiency

Digitising the entire value chain achieves significantly greater process efficiency – from the networked supply chain (SCM) through to digital tie-ups with customer interactions (CRM). The smart enterprise optimally schedules resources and machine utilisation thanks to data-based demand forecasting. Smaller batches down to a size of 1 can be scheduled, manufactured more efficiently, managed more simply, and controlled more effectively.

Take away – smart manufacturing workshop

A half day of inspiration and ideation about the Internet of Things. Possibilities, potential and use cases from a variety of industries.

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Two future scenarios

More efficient trading relations

Construction site technology makes lorry fleet efficient

«We of course use digitisation to optimise, simplify

and standardise our business processes.»

Michael Schütz, CFO DT Swiss


On the road to becoming a smart enterprise


On the road to becoming a smart enterprise

The first step on the path to digitisation is often the most difficult. Using the right approach, we make certain that you achieve your goals.

Smart manufacturing workshop

A half day of inspiration and ideation about the Internet of Things. Possibilities, potential and use cases with your peers across a variety of industries.

Co-creation workshop

In our co-creation workshop, you’ll develop solutions for the networked world together with lateral thinkers and your customers.

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