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Classic business process re-engineering belongs to the past. An efficiency revolution is imminent, thanks to digitisation. Technologies to capture and analyse data in real time are fully developed and affordable: tiny sensors, wide network coverage and high-performance computers. Cloud solutions and standard algorithms allow for the instant analysis of data from networked objects, machines and systems. Whether it be with new control options or more accurate demand forecasts, real-time analysis can make processes far more efficient while massively reducing costs. Swisscom offers end-to-end solutions for sector-specific core processes as well as all support processes.


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Within five years

85% of companies will have implemented Industry 4.0 solutions in every important business area.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, 2014


of the world’s most successful companies will be managing their business processes with predictive analytics by 2016.

Gartner, 2013

At approximately USD 1000 million

Switzerland is set to achieve the highest per capita M2M revenue in Europe by 2024.

Machina Research, 2014

The Smart Enterprise ecosystem

Our services for optimum process efficiency

Smart Manufacturing

With our Smart Manufacturing service, you can use real-time data to automate and accelerate production. We help you to achieve greater operational excellence throughout the entire process chain of a smart factory. This includes:

  • Real-time collection of machine and operations data
  • Consolidating and analysing data on the IoT platform
  • Presenting data in real time on the machine or on mobile communication terminals
  • Integrating vertical and horizontal process chains
  • M2M communication among workpiece carriers and processing machinery

Real-time information about all systems

Faster throughput  times

Better production planning

Higher utilisation of machines and employees

No unscheduled downtimes

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Predictive maintenance in five steps

Our expert paper explains in five easy steps how predictive maintenance can help you do far more than prevent outages. The well thought-out structure of the technology platform enables you to gain decisive competitive advantages, even in the implementation phase.

Lessons learnt: Tips on the road to becoming a smart enterprise

The six most important tips collated for you from the experience gained in our pioneering projects. Focus: better products, customer-friendly services and digital business models.

Co-creation: joining forces for a smart enterprise

The best ideas arise when people from different fields exchange ideas. In our co-creation workshop, you'll develop solutions for the networked world together with your customers and lateral thinkers from unrelated sectors.

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