Technology as the foundation – conversion to All IP

One network for the entire company communication

The transition from the conventional fixed network technology to the new IP (Internet protocol)-based system landscape is a global trend. At the end of 2017, conventional fixed-network telephone communications will be replaced by All IP. All fixed-network services (telephony, TV, mobile telephony and Internet) will then run via IP technology and therefore via the same network. This step will smooth the path into a new era of communications, making it possible to communicate and collaborate with any device at any time and without boundaries.

How your company can benefit from All IP

Standardising the systems

Over the years, IT structures continuously grow, and thus become more complex. The switch to ALL IP will reduce the number of technologies used, which not only makes new services possible but also simplifies and accelerates their implementation and operation. You have better cost transparency and control because the costs are calculated per workstation.

Increasing efficiency

All IP forms the basis for modern tools relating to communications and collaboration within the company and with external partners. More simple workflows, clear structures and mobile access to company data ensure increased productivity and efficiency.

Mobile working becomes possible

All IP allows you to work anywhere, on all devices. Using IP technology, all employees can communicate flexibly while on the move and access internal archives from anywhere. Collaboration platforms are not only practical for employees – partners and customers can also be integrated. Swisscom ensures that all solutions meet the high security requirements.

How to tackle the conversion to All IP.

The changeover to All IP involves certain challenges. Especially when it comes to networking several sites and buildings with several telephone systems.

The following diagram shows you how to make the changeover to All IP as efficient as possible:

Umstellung auf All IP, Infografik

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All IP stands for “one network for everything”.

The switch to All IP is currently taking place worldwide and means that fixed network phones, TVs, mobile phone communications and the Internet as well as all the services connected with these will communicate from end to end using the Internet Protocol (IP), i.e. a single language.

IP, the package-based Internet Protocol, replaces the previous transfer technology TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) for the fixed network. As a result of this change, the number of technologies used is reduced, which not only makes new services possible but also simplifies and accelerates their introduction and operation.

The switch from conventional fixed-network telephony to IP is part of a global trend. Telephony and information technology are growing closer and closer together. IP-based telephony rings in a new age of convergence, flexibility and mobility.

In the process of modernising its telephony services, Swisscom will replace the conventional fixed-network telephony with future-oriented IP telephony by the end of 2017. With this change, each customer solution will be analysed individually and possible scenarios for migration to the IP technology will be identified. This affects the following solutions:

  • Communications solutions
  • Individual connections
  • Alerting and lift telephones

As a trusted partner, Swisscom is a forward-looking, innovative company that implements technological developments in accordance with the needs of its customers and partners. Swisscom will therefore further develop its architecture, networks, processes and offers systematically in accordance with the new IP-based platform. This is the only way that Swisscom can address growing customer requirements and continue to offer inspiring and best solutions in the future.

Swisscom will discuss the implications of the changeover with all customers. These discussions will be taking place in the next few months. You can of course also speak to us in advance. To do so, please contact your account manager.

Swisscom will support the conventional (TDM) connections until the end of 2017.

One of Swisscom's top-most principles is to protect customer data and customer calls, regardless of the technology used.

Swisscom also has a legal obligation to do this (telecommunications act, data protection law). For transmission, Swisscom uses its own IP network, not the public WWW.

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