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The future of IT optimisation

The challenges facing CIOs, IT managers and their teams are increasing every year. A shortage of skilled workers, increasing cost pressures and growing cybersecurity requirements are just the start of a very long list. Swisscom’s Enterprise Workspace helps you achieve the operational efficiency you need to meet these demands and actively shape the digital future of your business.

Text: Tom Hauk, Pictures: Swisscom
26 June 2023

Entreprise Workspace

The digitisation megatrend has rightly been the primary focus for companies for the last 20 years. The digital transformation has helped companies improve their business models and customer experience chains, and increase their competitiveness. And the tremendous surge in innovation around the world has surpassed even our wildest dreams. Take the merging of virtual and physical worlds and the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, for example. What these developments have shown is that change is inevitable and actively shaping it is essential. Adaptability is now mandatory when running a business and an accelerated pace of change is the new normal. 

Operate efficient app and device management with our simple, intuitive IT management solution.

Change of role for IT

The digital transformation has changed the role and mindset of company IT departments for good. Attention is focusing in on CIOs, IT managers and their teams. As requirements increase, so too do expectations of a steady improvement in the security and performance of the IT infrastructure. At the same time, however, sufficient resources need to be available to drive innovation and make an active contribution to business success. According to Adobe’s CIO Perspectives Survey, at least three-quarters of CIOs believe their role has diversified and their responsibilities have increased. CIOs have evolved from technology leaders to strategy leaders. The 2021 CIO Study: The CIO Revolution highlights how, even amid uncertainties, they are driving transformation and business success and value at an astonishing pace.

 Four current and future challenges for IT

1.   The skills shortage

IT professions come in at second place on the Swiss Skills Shortage Index. While 31,000 IT jobs remained unfilled in mid-August 2022, the figure is expected to rise to 40,000 vacancies by 2030, according to ICT Berufsbildung Schweiz (ICT Vocational Training Switzerland). The combination of a stable political situation, high quality of life, excellent infrastructure and proximity to top Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne, is attracting tech giants from Silicon Valley.

2.   Cybersecurity 

The exponential growth in data, increase in connectivity and hybrid working, amongst other things, represent significant threats for companies. The latest Global Future of Cyber Survey 2023 by Deloitte demonstrates that cybersecurity is no longer purely an obligation or a collection of high-tech hygiene measures. Cybersecurity is a central element of the digital transformation, which is crucial for business success and growth. Swisscom publishes the Cyber Security Threat Radar every year. In it, experts give a picture of the current situation and highlight trends. The combination of skills shortages and increasing cybersecurity requirements is increasing the pressure on companies.

3.   Cost optimisation 

The Tech Spend Pulse 2022 report by Flexera, amongst others, summarises the biggest cost optimisation challenges. Of the 501 international IT managers surveyed, 59% said the biggest obstacles were higher prices from manufacturers, 49% mentioned the excessive number of manual processes and 55% said guaranteeing cost efficiency. Managers are being called upon to set up company-wide programmes and find external solutions that support and relieve the burden on their IT teams and help drive business success.. 

4.   Contribution to the employee experience 

As a result of the acute shortage of skilled workers, employee satisfaction is becoming even more of a focus for companies. The goal is to attract the best talent and retain qualified staff. The sum of experiences, interactions and emotions determine whether these goals are achieved. Frustration and irritations concerning poorly functioning laptops, applications and processes are not very helpful. Employee needs are growing and these must be met. IT departments have a responsibility to improve the employee experience and thus employee satisfaction.

The Swisscom Enterprise Workspace – ready for the best operational efficiency. 

The Swisscom Enterprise Workspace is instrumental in increasing operational efficiency. It dispenses with different portals for different services, issues with hardware, licences, apps and disruptions in the workplace. Swisscom Enterprise Workspace offers the straightforward, scalable, quickly deployable solutions that companies are looking for. Enterprise Workspace is a dynamic, cloud-based and customisable workspace, equipped with the full range of Microsoft 365 (cloud) services and much more besides.. 

One portal for everything

Workspace provisioning and configuration is via the My Swisscom Business portal, simplifying collaboration and order placement, and accelerating processes. One central location for all workspace management-related activities.

Management & Apps 

With profile-based assignment, workspace management has never been easier. All employees are given the specific operating systems, apps and licences they need. Teams can access tools themselves when needed, which encourages independence. In addition, business and 3rd-party apps can be seamlessly integrated into a single company app store..  


The main focus is on straightforward hardware administration and maximising reliability There is an option to buy or lease workplace equipment. Repairs are performed directly on site within 24 hours. In addition to individual hardware bundles for user profiles, employees are free to choose from a selection of hardware in the company online shop or use their own devices. 

Security, Services und Support

Employees have secure access to data and applications at all times from anywhere on any device. The latest encryption and authentication features protect against cyber threats, while disruptions can be reported directly in the portal or centrally via the hotline. In addition, the Swisscom support team is available day and night.

Discover what’s possible

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