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Smart ICT

IT outsourcing for your SME

Get IT, Internet and telephony in a modular all-in-one package.

Put it together individually now and receive a offer.

Get detailed information about Smart ICT for SMEs.

The IT solution for your SME

These days, SMEs depend on a reliable IT infrastructure. Now more than ever, it is the lifeblood of a business. However, your IT needs to do more than just run smoothly; it also has to be adaptable, so that it can adjust flexibly at any time to changes in the market and in the business.

Business IT Services

IT Management

Secure operation of your IT from the cloud.


Business Internet Services


Fail-safe Internet.


Business Network Solutions


Virtualised network.


Business Communication Services


IP telephony with UCC.




Put together your individual IT package and receive a offer.


Info package

The info package contains detailed information about SMART ICT (customer presentation, flyers and reference material).

Smart ICT: Your benefits at a glance

   Your one-stop shop

Swisscom provides IT services, Internet and telephony in a complete, perfectly tailored package. Save time, money and hassle with a single contact partner for everything.

   Budget clearly

Swisscom charges you a fixed monthly price. You just pay for what you use, with no need for investment, so you can easily plan your outgoings.

   Receive support quickly

If something is not running 100% smoothly, your committed support team can help: quickly, expertly and, if necessary, in person at your premises.

   Expand easily

Your package has a modular, scalable structure. Arrange your ICT workstations exactly according to your needs, adding new ones easily as your SME grows.

   Save smartly

It pays to get your IT services from the cloud, cutting your costs by up to 20%.Wenn Sie IT-Services aus der Cloud beziehen, lohnt sich das: Ihre Kosten sinken um bis zu 20 Prozent.

 Work without worries

Work efficiently in the secure Swisscom cloud. Your data stays in Switzerland and is stored securely.

MSM study: IT outsourcing in SMEs

Even SMEs are increasingly outsourcing their IT, either fully or in part. The “IT outsourcing” MSM study tells you why and gives many other facts.

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