Make calls abroad with the Voice Travel package

Select the Voice Travel package for the zone of your choice.


You can buy Voice Travel packages from the Swisscom Cockpit while still in Switzerland or when you're abroad. The connection is free, and you will not incur any costs in Switzerland or abroad.

Voice Travel 60 minutes 1

  EU/Western Europe 15.90 / package
  World 1 29.90 / package
  World 2 49.90 / package
  Rest of the world 59.90 / package

Per-second billing. The call package is valid for 12 months in all countries in the relevant zone. Once the 60 minutes are up, the call will be terminated automatically. You can then continue to make calls at the standard tariff or order a new Voice Travel package.

EU/Western Europe list of countries

World 1 list of countries

World 2 list of countries

Rest of the world list of countries

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