Two-factor authentication with Mobile ID 

‘The secret to our simple, secure VPN login? Mobile ID.’

Oliver Cester, Head of IT & Digitisation, Sparhafen Bank AG

The story in brief:

Like all financial institutions, Sparhafen Bank must meet the highest security standards for employee authentication. How could it make this as easy as possible? With Mobile ID from Swisscom.

About Sparhafen Bank AG

  • A member of the Sparhafen Genossenschaft
  • Employees: 20.8 (FTE)
  • Balance sheet total: CHF 699 million (2022)

The project with Swisscom

  • Planning Mobile ID implementation at the bank
  • Secure 2FA for access to the VPN and Swiss Trust Room
  • Straightforward rollout and employee onboarding


These Swisscom products are successfully used by Sparhafen Bank

Mobile ID

The complete end-to-end solution for 2FA. 

The challenge

As a regional bank, personal customer service is important to Sparhafen Bank. Employees also occasionally work from home, accessing the systems and data over a secure VPN connection. According to Oliver Cester, Head of IT & Digitisation, the bank required robust two-factor authentication (2FA): ‘A reliable, future-proof solution was essential. Simplicity was also important – the simpler the 2FA solution, the greater the user acceptance.’ Costs also had to correspond to actual usage.

Portrait of Oliver Cester, wearing glasses and a grey tie

‘The simpler the 2FA solution, the greater the acceptance.’

Oliver Cester, Funktion: Head of IT & Digitisation

The solution

With Mobile ID, Oliver Cester is convinced Sparhafen Bank has found the ideal 2FA solution: ‘You don’t require an app to install it. To use Mobile ID, all you need is an up-to-date SIM card: it couldn’t be easier. ’ To securely log in to the VPN, employees simply type the unique number code on their smartphone.
The bank also uses Mobile ID to access the Swiss Trust Room for digital signatures, among other things. Oliver Cester sees Swisscom as a reliable partner: ‘It always takes customer concerns seriously. ’