Your journey from emissions reduction to net zero

Improve your carbon footprint – we will help you to define
and implement your climate strategy.

Sustainability has become an important competitive factor for businesses. Together with our partner network, we offer all the services you require to support your journey to net zero, including: carbon accounting, strategic climate advisory services and solutions for reducing and offsetting emissions – and all in line with the SBTi standard.

An all-round package to improve your carbon footprint

Automated carbon accounting and smart data platforms are becoming increasingly important in sustainability management, especially if you wish to set science-based climate targets in line with the SBTi standard. Thanks to the latest digital solutions, it is now significantly easier to measure and reduce CO2 along the entire value chain. As a leading ICT service provider, we are therefore already supporting our business customers through our services. 

We are expanding our offering with comprehensive climate services. In collaboration with our partners, we provide a one-stop solution including all the services and expertise you need to decarbonise your company, from automated carbon accounting to the reduction and offsetting of emissions.

Move to net zero with carbon accounting


Swiss companies have already set climate targets in line with SBTi standards (September 2022).Source: Science Based Targets, 2022


tonnes of CO2 saved by Swisscom customers in 2021 as a result of green ICT solutions. Source: Swisscom

One million

tonnes of CO2 = the annual reduction targeted by Swisscom through the use of green ICT services, together with its customers, by 2025. Source: Swisscom

Our comprehensive sustainability services

On your journey to net zero, you and your company will take a series of steps that require a range of expertise and digital solutions. Thanks to our wide-ranging ICT portfolio and longstanding experience in the field of sustainability, we have developed an effective network of relevant service providers and specialist firms with whom we work. Our extensive climate services allow us to support you throughout your future journey to net zero and ensure that the process is smooth and seamless.

Carbon accounting

Data collection and analysis

Carbon accounting platforms simplify the collection, management and processing of your CO2 emissions. Their interfaces to all ERP systems provide access to marketplaces offering reduction solutions, allowing you to take data-driven decisions.

Sustainability management

Climate advisory services

Working in partnership with an established climate advisory specialist, we can develop a climate strategy, define measures to reduce and offset emissions and support you to obtain certification of your climate neutrality.

ICT including data integration

Smart ways to reduce emissions

We provide digital solutions to reduce your CO2 emissions based around ICT, fleet management and raising employee awareness. We also support you in the technical integration of internal and external data sources for an automated assessment of your climate footprint.

Your benefits

Why choose Swisscom on your climate-neutral journey?

Comprehensive ICT expertise

The leading provider of ICT solutions, including data integration and management, automated monitoring and accounting of CO2 emissions and energy management.

Established network

The Swisscom network includes all the services required for the decarbonisation process, so we can support you from start to finish.

Sustainability is in our DNA

We have been engaged with sustainability since 1998. All our subscriptions and products are climate neutral, and we are the most sustainable telecommunications company in the world.Source: World Finance Magazine, 2022

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