Award: Climate-friendly IoT solutions

Swisscom IoT
Climate Award 2022

Swisscom IoT Climate Award Sticker

Not only do IoT solutions aid the digital development of the global economy, they can also be a decisive factor in positive climate change. Thanks to IoT, cities are becoming smarter, buildings are becoming more energy-efficient and logistics processes are being optimised. By using IoT applications, our customers are helping to sustainably improve the climate of both our country and the world.

The Swisscom IoT Climate Award recognises the outstanding achievements of companies and their contribution to climate protection. We want this award to inspire companies to implement climate-friendly changes and contribute to a sustainable future.

Criteria for the award


Total amount of reduction in CO₂ emissions in 2021 in tonnes.


Reduction of CO₂ emissions per unit (e.g. CO₂ reduction in kilograms per sensor or per customer).


Swisscom rewards the innovative nature of the solution. Were any new hardware or software solutions developed? Were any new measurement techniques developed? Were efforts made to explore new applications?

Customer experience

How does the company rate its project in terms of customer experience? What are the advantages for customers? How simple is the solution to apply? Is the solution self-explanatory?


From all of the projects entered, three will be awarded the Swisscom IoT Climate Award. The winning companies will receive the exclusive Swisscom IoT Climate Award trophy designed in wood In addition, cash prizes from the Swisscom Energy Efficiency Fund will be awarded. The winning company will receive CHF 20,000, the second- and third-place companies will receive CHF 10,000 and CHF 5,000 respectively.


  • Daniel MacGregor

    Co-Founder and Strategic Partnerships, Nexxiot,
    Winner Swisscom IoT Award 2021

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    Daniel MacGregor

  • Emelie Öhlander

    Climate Action Program Manager, Ericsson

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    Emelie Öhlander

  • Res Witschi

    Delegate for Sustainability and Digitalisation, Swisscom


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    Res Witschi

  • Stephen Neff

    CEO, myclimate


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    Stephen Neff

Important dates

August 2021 Application window for the IoT Climate Award 2022 opens
15 December 2021 Application window for the Swisscom IoT Climate Award 2022 closes
20 January 2022 Jury decision and notification of the three winning companies by e-mail
11 May 2022 Presentation of the Swisscom IoT Climate Award 2022 on Swisscom IoT Day 2022

Guidelines for participating in the Swisscom IoT Climate Award 2022

IoT Climate Award 2021: Here are the winners

To celebrate IoT Day 2021, the IoT Climate Award was presented to three innovative companies.


1st place:
The winning company in 2021 is Nexxiot. Nexxiot optimises the logistics of cargo transport trains with its IoT solution. The greater transparency regarding the locations and routes of the individual wagons can significantly increase the efficiency and capacity utilisation of the trains, meaning that more goods can be transported by rail in a climate-friendly manner with the same number of wagons.


2nd place:
The Hinwil-based company Belimo was awarded second prize for its innovative HVAC field device heating manager "Energy Valve". Their system combines intelligence and innovation to monitor and optimise heat flows and provides huge energy savings and CO₂ reduction in numerous large buildings.


3rd place:
The third prize went to Energie Zukunft Schweiz with its LORALARM, which remotely monitors solar thermal systems and allows outages to be detected at an early stage. Quickly rectifying faults can massively increase the performance of solar thermal systems; this in turn leads to significantly less water being heated using other energy sources, such as oil or electricity, thus reducing CO₂.