Webinar record of September 2nd

Microsoft 365: Best Practice Connectivity Solutions for Microsoft Cloud Services (M365/Azure) in Switzerland

What are the connectivity needs of Microsoft Cloud Services and how Swisscom can help with innovative networking solutions.

In this webinar you hear from the Microsoft Switzerland Cloud Lead how Microsoft develops the datacenters in Switzerland and what type of data- and connectivity-hungry applications/services are available in the Swiss datacenter region from Microsoft.


We/Swisscom are showing you how you can enable a best-in class connection to the Microsoft Cloud. You will learn how you benefit from Swisscom's best of breed connectivity services Enterprise Connect, Swisscom's top modern SDN based networking Services, including the new Azure Peering partnering.

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  • Experte

    «Microsoft heavily invests into Switzerland for the benefit of Swiss clients and partners to enable digital transformation, combined with local data residency and highest security, compliance and privacy standards».

    Primo Amrein

    Cloud Lead Microsoft Switzerland

  • Experte

    «Swisscom's innovative connectivity infrastructure enables Microsoft customers a reliable, secure and fast access to the Microsoft cloud environment».

    Goran Spirov

    Senior Product Manager

  • Moderator

    «We accompany our customers fully on their individual journey to the (Microsoft) cloud».

    Andreas Schmid

    Principal Product Manager

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