Payment transactions

Simplified payments with the QR bill

The days of the red and orange payment slip are numbered. Businesses have until 30 September 2022 to complete the switch to the QR bill.

Text: Swisscom, Image:, October 20, 2021

Since its introduction back in June 2020, the QR bill has been gradually replacing the orange and red payment slip and will do so completely on 30 September 2022.

The QR bill has been designed to reduce complexity in payment transactions and drive digitalisation.


A global process


Payment transactions have evolved significantly over the last hundred years and brought forth a multitude of different standards, procedures and formats. Their harmonisation is intended to simplify everything – worldwide.
This covers transfers, direct debits, reporting and payment slips.


Easier payment


In the case of the latter, the main focus of a QR bill is a large QR code rather than text like in the past. This code contains all the data necessary for paying the respective bill and can be read or scanned using a smartphone or a reader developed for E-banking.
Paying bills is easier, faster and more efficient, as there is no need to type in long reference numbers.



Swisscom Health is ready for the new QR bill


Accordingly, the changeover of payment transactions also affects Swisscom Health and its customers, whether users of curaBILL, curaLINE, curaMED or triaMED.

XML invoice standard 4.5 is required to send a bill with a QR code.

  • curaLINE, our bill transfer tool, already enables the transmission of QR bills at the customer’s request. The only condition is that the practice information system from which the bill is generated must also be able to generate QR bills.
  • Our curaMED and triaMED practice information systems are currently being fitted to do this. Transmission in XML invoice standard 4.5 will be possible by the spring, as will the capability to generate QR bills.
  • curaBILL will completely switch over by March 2022 and from this date will only receive and process bills transmitted in XML invoice standard 4.5. However, the first QR bills will not be sent out until autumn 2022.

Please note: if you print the invoices yourself directly from your medical practice information system, please print them on perforated paper to ensure uncomplicated processing by the post office.


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