On the way to a connected health sector

Digitisation promotes efficiency and transparency and lowers costs

New regulations and an increasingly digitally active population are promoting the transformation of the Swiss health sector. Digitisation covers increasing amounts of information and processes. It enables connectivity, promotes efficiency and transparency and lowers costs.

Increasing amounts of information and processes are being digitised in the Swiss health sector. The protagonists in the health sector connect with each other and are transferring to electronic data exchange. This makes cooperation simpler, more efficient and more secure – for hospitals, insurance companies, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies and homes. The population benefits from improved care and more transparency. Switzerland saves health costs.

Swisscom is a competent and trustworthy partner for all service providers during this transformation. It runs a digital ecosystem for the Swiss health sector which is constantly being expanded and integrating new players. We connect up service providers, health insurance companies and private citizens and offer them innovative products and solutions. These range from a health platform for citizens, software for doctors’ surgeries, right up to complex process solutions for data communication between all protagonists.

Our eHealth solutions increase the efficiency of processes, contribute towards the quality of medical care and support preventive measures.

This development requires a trustworthy and reliable technology partner. Swisscom is closely linked with Swiss health care: as the ideal partner, we ensure a smooth and secure flow of information with no media interruptions. We connect all key players and citizens.

Swisscom Health Connect

Health Connect by Swisscom is the data hub for tomorrow’s health sector. Like the vast majority of Swisscom Health products, it complies with the EPDG [electronic patient files legislation] and IHE.

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IHE and eHealth Suisse

Swisscom is committed to the standardisation of electronic data exchange in the Swiss health sector and implements the recommendations of eHealth Suisse for standards and architecture in its solutions and products. We are continually expanding our products with further IHE profiles.

We also actively work in the IG [interest group] eHealth and other committees, thus contributing to anchoring these standards and to the implementation of the eHealth Strategy Switzerland.

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*was integrated in Swisscom Health AG

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