Professional answering of emergency calls and alarms
Real-time data on resources, personnel and equipment
Efficient emergency operations management through predefined checklists and measures

The AVANTI Operations Control System contains all the modules for successful operations management.

The AVANTI Operations Control System provides checklists based on prepared scenarios and delivers continuous updates on all available resources, personnel and equipment.

The Operations Control System seamlessly integrates telephony, radio and other peripheral systems into the standard interface. It is the pivot and hub of incident management.

Operation management system

Operations management

AVANTI operations management facilitates oversight, situation appraisal, correct decision- making and seamless collaboration, providing an overview of logged calls, pending calls and current cases. When an emergency call or alert comes in, the operations management module helps the recipient to take the immediate steps required, always in accordance with the rules. Effectiveness is increased thanks to communication tools that are easy and quick to use and a high degree of flexibility with regard to deployment types. All actions are logged.

Geographical information system

Successful management is a question of overview. The geographical information system visualises location-dependent information using GPS coordinates and supports interactive collaboration with the operations management system.

Info system

The info system is the information platform for the whole organisation. It can be used to subdivide all relevant information according to people, organisations, company data, deployment data, object information, communication logs, etc. This application can be used in the operations centre, in the office and on the move.

Duty roster

This modern planning and control tool can be used to create duty rosters for emergency personnel, including monitoring of staff numbers and requirements for detailed resource planning. User-defined views facilitate roster planning and printing. This application can be used in the operations centre, in the office and on the move.
The Roster module is available on its own or seamlessly integrated into AVANTI.

Team planning

With team planning, resources can be deployed in a targeted way, and transport can be planned and coordinated. For rescue organisations, the module can display occupancy levels for hospitals and rescue vehicles.

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Your advantages

  • The AVANTI Operations Control System has a modular structure and can be flexibly expanded in accordance with the specific needs of the individual corps.
  • The clear role and data concept enables several organisations to work closely together.
  • The different organisations, such as police, ambulance and fire services, can collaborate on the basis of the same data. Cross-canton data sharing between different operation centres is therefore possible.
  • Thanks to Swisscom’s detailed knowledge of the industry, the solution can be seamlessly added to and integrated into existing system environments.