Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Performance monitoring for greater productivity

With Application Performance Monitoring, you can monitor the performance of your applicationsand ensure smooth business processes.

Application performance – whether in the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid – is the key to the business success of every company. 

Even minor performance losses or errors can reduce productivity or lead to a negative user experience. The end-to-end monitoring of functionality, stability and performance helps your company to maintain and improve the performance and reliability of your application landscape.

Swisscom’s Managed Application Performance Monitoring is a comprehensive service specifically for financial institutions. We design and implement APM in your systems and ensure the transparency and monitoring of your applications. The service can also detect data leaks, monitor user behaviour, and set up alerts for specific thresholds and KPIs. This is possible thanks to a collaboration with Cisco, whose AppDynamics solution is used in the service. 

Graph about Managed Application Performance Monitoring

When is the Managed Application Performance Monitoring service the right solution?

Companies with distributed systems and service-oriented architectures benefit in particular from end-to-end monitoring and thus increase transparency from the back end to the browser. APM allows companies to monitor a range of software, web applications, services, cloud applications and microservices.

These can be checked for status, response time, errors, performance losses and availability. It is particularly time-consuming to monitor all the applications in distributed systems. With the managed service, Swisscom takes over the monitoring so that your IT department doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

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Why Swisscom is your ideal partner

Swisscom has several certified APM specialists who can help you to unleash the full potential of your IT. In multi-layered infrastructures, the process of identifying and resolving faults and performance losses is complex. Swisscom supports you with the expertise you need.

The successful completion of over 100 banking projects with more than 50 banking customers is testament to Swisscom’s extensive experience and expertise.

Swisscom provides a comprehensive managed service including PaaS/APMaaS and Application Management.
The complete package includes APM onboarding and the installation of the various agents on the app servers and databases, as well as the management and operation of the solution.

A wide range of additional features is available. These include alarms, end-user and mobile monitoring, as well as support for and implementation of customer-specific use cases. Other services include specific dashboards for monitoring KPIs, user journeys, conversion rates and release validation.

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