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Client Lifecycle Management Suite (CLM)

CLM Suite

  • An intuitive, first-class customer experience
  • Maximised efficiency thanks to fully integrated CLM processes
  • No media interruptions, completely digital and omnichannel capable


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Dr. Stefan Kremer

Banking Specialized Sales


Create a first-class customer experience

Want to get your customers excited with innovative, forward-thinking and simple digital banking solutions? Swisscom’s CLM Suite allows you to establish a complete lifecycle free from media interruptions for your banking customers. From opening an account, which enables immediate access to the products and services of your bank, through to managing customer relationships and balancing, it’s all done digitally, providing a modern and paperless customer experience.


Opening an account is experienced on a new level. Sign digitally once (single signature) and you will be given immediate access to the personal account, so you can start using the selected banking services right away. The benefits are just as attractive for the bank: managing customers is significantly more efficient because the back office is relieved of the burden and the likelihood of encountering errors is reduced. Plus, the advisors have more time for what’s important – personal customer service.

Grafik CLM Suite

How you benefit from CLM Suite


  • Comprehensive client journey throughout the CLM phases: opening (self-service or branch), management and balancing

  • Integrated rules for customers, products, documents and embedded compliance, tax and AML regulations (risk based)

  • Error rate is minimised through central, complete CLM processes without system or media interruption. Follow-ups are significantly reduced thanks to smart validation

  • Modular design of basic components for reuse in other processes/channels

  • No programming necessary: changes via parametrisation/configuration Implementation of completely bank-specific GUIs/third-party apps (incl. mobile) via APIs

  • Minimal integration effort thanks to high compatibility and flexible integration plugins; also highly compatible with the Finnova ecosystem via APIs

Bank customers

  • The customer gets to experience the bank in a simple, modern and accessible manner. The focus is on them and they get to enjoy an intuitive, cross-channel customer experience
  • Access to the account within minutes for deposits and withdrawals
  • The customer only has to provide a single signature: either on a tablet, at a face-to-face customer consultation or online via digital signature
  • Product selection feels just like a regular online shopping experience
  • Completely paperless, omnichannel-capable onboarding


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Dr. Stefan Kremer

Banking Specialized Sales

Why Swisscom

Swisscom and the Network Effects Group (NEG) are the leading experts when it comes to client lifecycle management (CLM) for banks. We bring together a unique combination of business, technology, product, integration and implementation expertise.


We offer the full service: conceptualisation, decision-making, evaluation, implementation, installation and operation – to accompany and support you each step of the way. Our projects and assessments are solely carried out by proven CLM experts with a history of success.

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