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Open Banking API extends your value chain

Our Open Business Hub is the central access point to Business API ecosystems including infrastructure for the financial sector.

Connect applications and service partners using standardised Open Banking APIs. Expand your core services with partner services and grow your customer value chains within a customer-centric, open ecosystem. That’s how you achieve open banking in Switzerland.

Become more agile

With Open Business Hub, you can securely and seamlessly connect applications and modules to your IT environment. The applications are offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) rather than being integrated, which simultaneously reduces investment costs and boosts your agility. It is thus easier for you to roll out new product ideas and accelerate ongoing process improvements.

Simplify interface management

The applications are connected over standard interfaces (API integration). Thanks to several hundred interfaces and industry standards such as Common API (SFTI) or OpenWealth API, new connections are simplified with API reuse. The lower costs and greater efficiency of central interface management reduce both initial and ongoing costs for application use.

Free up your IT department

With Open Business Hub, or OBH for short, the scope of changes to your IT environment is under your control. You can, for example, choose to encapsulate all of your required interfaces in the Open Business Hub, which reduces the workload of your IT department and minimises future maintenance effort.

When is it the right solution?

OBH is the recommended integration platform if you want to implement ideas for new products or services without major investments. Banks, FinTechs or InsurTechs can then offer or source proprietary or existing marketed solutions and services.

How long you use OBH and the expense incurred will depend on your individual needs. You can thus optimise costs in the implementation of new ideas, digitisation projects or compliance measures despite limited budgets. Possible use cases include bank custody services for external asset managers or connection to customer accounting tools.

Your benefits:

  • Simple connection of applications using market standards
  • Reduced integration and operating expense
  • Access cross-industry API Hubs and their services such as bLink from SIX

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Open Business Hub at a glance

Our aim is to provide a cross-industry Business API ecosystem with diverse ‘Hub-Hub connections’

Swisscom vernetzt im Open Business Hub Anbieter und Services aus vielen Branchen.

Why Swisscom?

State-of-the-art platform for setting up digital partner networks.

Extensive interface management and integration expertise.

Straightforward access to FinTechs, InsurTechs and market platforms such as SIX bLink.

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