EBICS as a Service

EBICS for Swiss corporate payment transactions at the highest level of security

With our EBICS Electronic Banking Internet Commu­ni­ca­tion Standard as a Service for Switzerland, you receive our all-in-one solution for secure, high-performance data exchange and online banking between you and your corporate customers. 

The multibanking communication standard reduces interface complexity and brings advantages in account management and security.

Leading industry standard

With Swisscom’s EBICS service, financial institutions’ corporate customers are securely and reliably connected to the European standard for connecting corporate customers to the financial networks. We provide you with an attractive package that offers maximum security and reliability at manageable costs, and always meets the require­ments of the market and regulatory bodies. Add-on options are also available to individualise the customer experience.

Clear cost advantages

The all-in-one EBICS solution can be combined with any core banking system and is compatible with previous formats such as DTA or MT940. The modular, extensible full-service solution supports the ISO 20022 payment transaction standard. Thanks to a shared service, you can share the costs for infrastructure, licences, operation and maintenance with the participating financial institutions.

Use the latest EBICS 3.0 specification, digitise business processes between the bank and corporate customers and benefit from functions such as distributed electronic signature (EBICS VEU), payment transactions (ZV), electronic tax assessment decision (eVV connection) or e-documents as required.

When is it the right solution?

Are you a financial intermediary looking for a highly flexible, secure, reliable and easily scalable solution that is kept techno­logi­cally up to date and quickly deployed? Then you’ve come to the right place.

With EBICS as a Service, Swisscom offers the leading connection for corporate customer payment transactions between corporate customers and banks – with no inter­ruptions for participating financial institutions since 2016. Managed EBICS or EBICS as a Service as well as additional software modules are available. Choose your required services flexibly from the existing modules and reduce the complexity of your interfaces.

Your benefits

  • Swisscom’s market-leading communication standard with the most EBICS customers and the largest community
  • Cost-efficient operation and transparent cost structure
  • Secure data handling in a certified tier 4 data centre in Switzerland

EBICS  offer

Our offers for you

Get started with EBICS without having to build up back-office expertise.

The EBICS standard solution; highly flexible, scalable and with PAYG billing.

Greater security courtesy of the separate app for the distributed electronic signature.

Why Swisscom?

Put your trust in the provider with the broadest overall portfolio in the banking market

Take advantage of the modular design to combine with other solutions and configure your individual payment hub

Comprehensive package with lifecycle mana­ge­ment, release management, appli­cation management and operations for complete peace of mind

What our clients say

«Swisscom's EBICS solution helps us win new customers.»

Martin Künzler, Head of External Asset Managers, Thurgauer Kantonalbank

Possible EBICS applications

Process customer-initiated payments in all standard PAIN (payment initiation) formats. Payments from the bank to corporate customers are supported in the PAIN format or in the customary CAMT and SWIFT formats.

Corporate customers receive e-docu­ments without having to access e-banking.

Connect the electronic tax assessment decision with the aim of “setting up an electronic interface for the daily transfer of position, transaction and price data”.

Lengthy, error-prone night processing is eliminated by automation or the use of EBICS aaS.

In the future, EBICS will serve as the basis for a multibanking solution.

FinTech companies are increasingly relying on EBICS as the standard in payment transactions.

Additional information

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