Multibanking as a service

Multibanking – a complete financial overview for companies

Multibanking as a service enables you to provide your corporate customers with a complete and transparent overview of their accounts and facilitate active liquidity management. Multibanking software allows all linked accounts to be managed through a single e-banking cockpit, strengthening your role as principal bank and providing clearer customer profiles. You can thus provide optimum customer care.

Create transparent relationships

Over 80 percent of Swiss SMEs have relationships with more than one bank. In fact, a fifth of SMEs bank with more than five banks at the same time. Centralised management of all accounts in all currencies allows companies to gain a rapid overview of their financial position, acquire supporting data for financial decision making and benefit from resource-efficient payment processing via a single portal.

Build stable relations

Take advantage of the established multibanking as a service solution, which can be easily and securely connected to your front end and integrated into your core banking system. Use this as a foundation to strengthen customer relations with your bank and exploit new potential through upselling and cross-selling (such as with a multibanking app for Switzerland).

Your benefits

Consolidate your position as a principal bank and strengthen customer relationships

Exploit upselling and cross-selling potential

Lay the foundations for other services such as cash pooling and financing

When is it the right solution?

Would you like to fulfil this pivotal role for your corporate customers and become their principal bank and main point of contact for all financial needs? Swisscom’s Multibanking as a service enables you to do just that.

Using the centralised cockpit and useful data, multibanking will help you learn even more about your customers, gain greater knowledge of their needs and lay the foundations for a strong and long-lasting customer relationship. This new transparency enables you to provide more targeted advice.


Use the access to comprehensive customer data to offer your customers more relevant products (cross-selling and upselling), boosting customer satisfaction and retention.  

What’s in it for you:

  • API interface: a simple, secure connection
  • A solution independent of the core banking system
  • Integration and operation from a single source

Why Swisscom?

  • A proven, secure and established multibanking solution
  • Cost benefits thanks to a flexible, common environment
  • Independent of core banking system and front-end API connection

Getting started with multibanking

Discover multibanking for corporate customers

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Offer for project management

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Two potential customer requirements

Integrated liquidity management

Corporate customers’ payment history

The in-depth insight into comprehensive customer data helps to provide prompt, needs-based support to corporate customers.


Bank A’s corporate customers have requested a new product comprising Internet banking with multibanking function and integrated liquidity management. Swisscom’s options empower Bank A to develop an appropriate product.  

How Swisscom supports you

Using multibanking as a service, Bank A is able to fulfil customer requirements. This convinces additional customers from Bank B to switch to Bank A. This increases the corporate customer profit margin for Bank A.

Cash flow management

Liquidity gaps

  • «Multibanking helps to strengthen customers’ relationship with their main bank.»  

    Patrick Küng, Board member 



Your key position

Multibanking hilft Banken, sich zu differenzieren und verschafft deren Firmenkundschaft zu einem transparenten, vollständigen Überblick der Liquiditätslage.

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