Hybrid Client Onboarding for banking

Client Lifecycle Management in today’s banking

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) maps the entire banking client lifecycle. From digital Client Onboarding and support to account closing. With our hybrid Client Onboarding process, bank customers can take out products or initiate relationships at home and/or in the branch. Continuous, paperless and seamless.

The added value of hybrid Client Onboarding

Banks use a Client Lifecycle Management system to digitise and optimise their customer care processes. (New) customers use Client Onboarding to apply for one or more accounts, cards or e-banking from home or in the self-service zone of the branch. Thanks to Swisscom’s hybrid approach, customers can start opening an account in the self-service zone, ask the consultants for advice in between, submit a copy of their ID card online and complete the account opening at home. All data and the process status are retained despite switching between channels.

The added value of Client Onboarding Banking

Swisscom Client Onboarding adapts to the needs of your bank. From corporate identity and selection of KYC data and products through to account opening documents with signing procedures. The process is fully automated with a continuous transfer of data. Once the application document is signed, customers can access the accounts or new products, and use all services. This is popular with the customers, reduces errors and workload for the back office, and gives consultants more time to focus on customer service.

Your benefits

Hybrid Client Onboarding in branch and/or at home

Identical opening process in branch and using online self-service

All data subject to preliminary checks in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations

When is it the right solution?

Client Onboarding is the hybrid solution for new customer acquisition and is independent of time, place and device. It digitises and standardises processes, automates tasks in the front and back office, uses both the in-branch and self-service channel, improves the efficiency of processes and increases security.

 Climate-neutral product

What’s in it for you:

  • Hybrid account opening process without the need for paperwork and no loss of data
  • All Client Onboarding steps adapted to your processes
  • Seamless digital client support in front and back office

Why Swisscom?

  • Exclusive: only Swisscom offers hybrid Client Onboarding for banks with a completely identical account opening process in branch and online.
  • Comprehensive: includes CI/CD, KYC questions, product universe, politically exposed person checks and address verification as well as online identification using ID checking of the machine-readable zone.
  • Individual: Client Onboarding can be parameterised quickly and easily and go live immediately.

Client Onboarding quotation

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Test hybrid Client Onboarding with our no-obligation try-before-you-buy offer for up to 100 new customers.

Additional information

Client Lifecycle Management System

This factsheet lists all of our general CLMS services with specific details about Client Onboarding.


Try Client Onboarding Banking before you buy

Market change as a point of departure

The biggest advantages for you

Try before you buy

Understand what you are buying by testing all of the client onboarding features for 3 months. Client Onboarding can be customised with a logo, CI/CD, KYC data, product universe and account opening documents. You can onboard up to 100 customers over the 3 months.

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Client Lifecycle Management System

Our CLMS covers all phases of your customer relationships. From client onboarding and customer care to termination of the relationship. You can customise each process individually. The integrated regulations ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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Client Onboarding Banking

There are several benefits for your customers. Firstly, they are able to open accounts or take out products quickly, around the clock and without any physical paperwork. Secondly, they can access their accounts and use all services as soon as they have digitally signed the application.

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Application examples

Hybrid Client Onboarding

In branch and/or at home


within the website and/or banking processes

  • «It was important to us to find partners with a proven retail banking culture in Switzerland who could enable us to optimally combine our core business with the Swiss banking market. That’s why we turned to the ‘best in class’.»  

    Philippe Brunier, Banque du Léman
    COO and member of the management committee


Paperless, fully digitised banking processes save huge amounts of paper. This protects resources and reduces banks’ carbon footprints.


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