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Telehousing metro

Highly secure environment for your IT with Swisscom
Uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning
Single rack or private room housing

The secure home for your IT

Operate your IT in a highly available and secure Swisscom data center. You will save on investments and operating costs and you can focus on your important topics.

Your expert

Peter Häni

Product Manager

This is Telehousing metro

  • All collocation rooms are constructed as separate fire compartments and equipped with fire-extinguishing systems. Access is protected via a multilevel, biometric access system
  • Green ICT: Electricity from 100% renewable resources
  • Sufficient air conditioning
  • 24-7 access for authorised persons
  • 24-7 monitoring of the data center by Swisscom
  • Expert support on site
  • Transparency and assurance

Your advantages

  • Your IT is optimally protected against fire, sabotage, unauthorised access and power outages
  • No investments in the expansion of your own data center spaces, or in electrical, climate control and security systems
  • No personnel of your own required for the operation of your data center
  • Minimal risk thanks to Swisscom as an experienced partner
  • Optimal investment protection thanks to long-term contract 

Private room or shared rack room?

Select the housing offer that best meets your requirements:

  • Private room: Your own data center space for your IT infrastructure
  • Shared rack room: server housing in a lockable rack in a data center space used by others as well



With the energy-efficient Telehousing metro, your IT is in safe hands: it’s the ideal way to reduce your CO₂ emissions by up to 33%. 

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