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You would like to make your business more dynamic with a cloud-based solution. With a local, experienced partner who understands your complex requirements and provides you with impressive IaaS and PaaS solutions: including seamless integration within your corporate network, infrastructure and processes, as well as maximum availability and data storage in Switzerland. 

What’s in it for you:​

  • High-performance Private Cloud infrastructure
  • Planning, implementation and operation supported by Swisscom, your local partner
  • Data storage and connections in Switzerland

Our partners

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Your benefits

Cost optimisation with the pay-per-use model

Flexible scaling of resources as needed

The highest standards of security

When is it the right solution?

Your large corporate operates complex IT infrastructures. Business places high demands on performance, scalability, flexibility and security. A dynamic cloud solution can help your business become more responsive in the market.

Why Swisscom?

  • Expertise: benefit from our experience.
  • Proximity: you have access to local experts who have access to global expertise when needed.
  • Convenience: you receive everything from a single source.

Our Enterprise Service Cloud offers

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Fact sheet

Enterprise Service Cloud

Cloud Transformation

We understand your needs and support you on your journey to the Enterprise Service Cloud.


  • Journey to the Cloud
  • Cloud Consulting


  • Migration Services
  • Multi Cloud


  • Cloud Optimisation
  • Well-Architected Review
  • Security & Resilience
  • Connectivity
  • Managed Services

Enterprise Service Cloud – the main components


The cloud platform and cloud management are multitenant, and it is a virtual private cloud offering. This means that while our customers share physical resources, they are logically isolated and never share data.

Identity & access

Business continuity and availability

Business integration

Catalogue & services

Certification and security

Audit & log

Self-service portal and API access

Would you like to find out more?

Swisscom Enterprise Service Cloud

The Swiss cloud that can be perfectly integrated into the IT landscape of companies.

White papers on the subject

Cloud-based databases or security: discover exciting trends, practice-based examples and recommendations from Swisscom and external experts.

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