Managed Oracle Database Service

Secure Oracle database services in Switzerland: equipped for the future

A growing number of IT services are being moved to the cloud. Migrate your Oracle databases to the Swisscom cloud now and make your IT infrastructure fit for the future. Thanks to our partnership with Trivadis, you can easily outsource your data management and focus on your core business.

What’s in it for you:

  • Supported Oracle database in the cloud
  • High level of automation
  • For business-critical, performance-critical and safety-critical applications
  • 100% Switzerland-based data centres and support

Your benefits

Fail-safe operation in highly available Platinum data centres

Pay-as-you-go resource management

Infrastructure, development and support in Switzerland

When is it the right solution?

Oracle databases have been used for data storage at large enterprises since the 1980s. They are secure, scalable and highly available, and also offer more features than other solutions. Maintenance of these databases, however, is time consuming and cost intensive. Many companies and IT departments lack the resources or know-how.

Why Swisscom and Trivadis?

  • Swisscom Cloud: your applications are highly available and fast
  • Platinum data centres: your sensitive data is as secure as in a bank safe
  • Leading database specialist: together with Trivadis, we ensure the secure and future-oriented use of your databases

Get started with our Managed Oracle Database Service


The first step

We bring your applications and data securely to the cloud.


Managed Oracle Database Service

Find out more

White paper

Managed Oracle DB Service

The main benefits of the Managed Oracle Database explained using three case studies.


Modernisation of Oracle databases

The Managed Oracle Database Service paves the way for a secure database future.

Three specific examples

Lifecycle management

Reduce IT costs with flexibility and fewer licences

Customer situation

The Oracle database has reached the end of its life cycle. Investment in new hardware is required. But how should the infrastructure be dimensioned to ensure that it is future proof with sufficient, but not underutilised capacity?


At the end of its lifecycle, instead of being replaced, the Oracle database is migrated to Swisscom’s Managed Oracle DB Service. Swisscom implements a hybrid cloud scenario as a bridging solution until all infrastructure components have been migrated.

Innovation management

Use Oracle DB in the cloud and shorten time to market


Protect your IT systems, your sensitive data and your business

Managed Oracle Database Service explained in two minutes

With Managed Oracle Database Services, you can set up databases in only a few minutes, provide data at the click of a button and benefit from the expertise of Swisscom and Trivadis professionals.



ISG Provider Lens Badge

ISG Provider Lens, one of the leading market research and consulting firms in the IT sector, conducts an annual assessment of Swiss cloud providers. In its latest assessment, Swisscom was once again named a leader in Managed Services for Large Accounts.

Interested in migrating your Oracle databases to the cloud, improving performance and saving money? Talk to us about your needs. We will be happy to provide no-obligation advice.