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  • E-Invoicing. E-Procurement. Digital processes. Swiss-made.

Fully digital for greater efficiency

Whether with e-procurement or e-invoicing, Conextrade will assist you throughout the digital process chain. Our managed services connect companies and suppliers regardless of prevailing technologies and offer support from e-invoicing to the complete procure-to-pay and order-to-cash process.

We digitise your business processes internationally, with legal security and in accordance with Swiss security standards. As a result, your day-to-day business activity will be simpler, your costs lower and your company more efficient.

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The process at a glance

Conextrade for your digitised processes


Our service goes beyond the product and also includes comprehensive consulting services. From electronic invoicing to archiving, we will help you manage your project, offer you strategic advice, independent analysis and rollout support, and give you access to our ERP competence centre (e.g. SAP).

Manage the whole invoicing and procurement process electronically via the Conextrade portal. You can see all orders at a glance and benefit from useful functions for an efficient workflow. With Electronic Data Interchange, we guarantee secure data exchange in every phase of the process and enable long-term archiving of all relevant documents for auditing purposes.  


Archiving Conextrade

Archive online invoices and scanned paper documents digitally over the long term in an unalterable way with Conextrade.


EDI Conextrade

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the reliable solution for secure, electronic cross-company data communication.


The Conextrade-Portal

The Conextrade portal is the platform for electronic invoicing and exchange of data for all SMEs in Switzerland.

We offer numerous product variants for the electronic sending and receipt of invoices. We digitise paper invoices, convert PDFs into structured data and send invoices to recipients in their chosen format. Fully secure electronic data exchange is guaranteed at all times.


Accounts payable workflow Conextrade

The electronic accounts payable workflow automates the approval of invoices, thereby reducing processing costs.



Thanks to Scanning2E-Invoicing, you receive all creditor invoices through Conextrade electronically and VAT-compliant.


E-Invoicing Conextrade

E-Invoicing is an VAT-compliant invoicing process: data becomes converted, validated and then sent to the recipient.


E-Invoicing PDF

The PDF invoices are digitally signed by Conextrade and sent to the invoice recipient with a PDF signature by e-mail.


eBill conextrade

Thanks to eBill, you’ll get your bills directly in your e-banking portal and be able to pay them with just a few clicks.

From ordering to delivery, we have digitised the entire procurement process and simplified it to make it better and more efficient. Automated, integrated solution modules for each step of the process support a fully secure, simple procurement workflow.


E-Procurement Conextrade

E-procurement is the electronic mapping of the procurement process – from the selection of products to order approval.



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Process optimisation with Conextrade






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