Ready for the environment: Not someday, but now

We’ve been committed to greater sustainability for over 20 years and will continue to be so in the future.

Unsere Ziele bis 2025

Completely climate-neutral company

We’re reducing our direct CO₂ emissions by over 90% compared to 1990.

1 million tonnes of CO₂

Annual savings with customers. We empower our customers to save CO₂ with climate-friendly solutions.

More information on our sustainability goals can be found here

What we have achieved so far 

For decades, we have been committed to a better environment and have laid the foundation for climate-friendly and innovative solutions with a powerful ICT infrastructure.

Since 2010

100% green energy

Since 2010, we have sourced 100% of our electricity from renewable energies. This means that we cover our electricity needs in an entirely environmentally friendly way.

Since 2010

87 solar installations in Switzerland

Our photovoltaic plants produce around 3 million kWh of electricity from solar energy annually ‒ equivalent to the energy consumption of around 800 Swiss households.

Since 2020

Climate-neutral operation

Since summer 2020, we have been operating our infrastructure, such as data centres and office buildings, in a climate-neutral way.

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Our solutions are climate neutral

Climate neutral

Smart Business Connect

With Smart Business Connect you use a virtual telephone system in the Swisscom Cloud and thus help reduce CO₂.

Climate neutral

Smart ICT

With Smart ICT you get a flexible overall package for Internet, telephony, network and IT services and reduce your CO₂ emissions at the same time.

Climate neutral

DCS Dynamic Computing Services

With DCS you only pay for the IT resources you actually use. This massively improves your energy balance compared to using in-house servers.

What does climate-neutral mean?

Our network and our products are climate neutral: they do not cause greenhouse gas emissions and therefore do not impact the climate. We are reducing reduce CO₂ emissions to a minimum and offsetting unavoidable emissions with climate protection measures.

To our goals

«Since 1990, we have reduced our CO₂ emissions by 80%, and we want to be at 95% by 2025.»

Saskia Günther, Head of Corporate Responsibility Swisscom


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