Electronic invoicing & data communication for SMEs

  • Draw up electronic invoices
  • Managing orders
  • Efficient working

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What is the Conextrade portal?

A solution for electronic invoicing (E-Invoicing) and electronic data interchange (e.g. ordering) for all SMEs.
As soon as you have registered on the portal operated by Conextrade, you can start exchanging electronic documents such as order or VAT-compliant invoices with your customers and suppliers.


Register and get started

How does the Conextrade portal function?

Free account for just a few invoices

You can draw up electronic invoices on the Conextrade portal and send them with just a mouse click.

Basic account for more invoices

Not only can you draw up and send electronic invoices, but you can also manage orders. This allows you to complete the entire ordering and invoicing process electronically and work more efficiently. Order management allows you to accept, confirm or decline orders (Web EDI).


The Premium service gives you all the functions of the basic account, along with allowing use of International E-Invoicing.

The benefits for your business

Straightforward & efficient

You only need Internet access and a browser to use the Conextrade portal. Following registration, you can take advantage of all the benefits straight away.


The exclusively electronic data interchange allows you to save postage and paper costs.


Because Conextrade has different services on offer, you will find a solution that suits your requirements.

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