The Conextrade portal (incl. Web EDI)

The perfect solution for exchanging data electronically for all SMEs

Receive orders electronically and send E-Invoices (Web EDI)

Can be used quickly and flexibly

Create and send invoices online easily, quickly and free of charge

Once you have registered on the Conextrade portal, you can exchange electronic documents with your customers and suppliers, such as purchase orders or VAT-compliant invoices. The multilingual portal offers customised solutions to meet requirements with the complimentary free account and the basic account.

This is the Conextrade portal

  • The perfect solution for electronic invoicing (E-Invoicing) and exchanging electronic data (Electronic Data Interchange) for all SMEs
  • The complimentary free account is ideal for companies which issue only a few invoices: you enter your electronic invoices on the Conextrade portal and send them with just one click
  • The cost-efficient basic account is suitable for companies that issue more invoices: not only can you create and send electronic invoices, you can also manage orders. This enables you to manage the entire ordering and invoicing process electronically and work more efficiently. With the Order Management, you can accept orders, confirm or reject them (Web EDI)
  • You only need internet access and a browser for the Conextrade portal. When you register online, you get all the benefits  straight away

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Account version

When registering, you can select one of the two versions (Free/Basic).

Registration for Conextrade portal

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