Quick and convenient invoicing process
Ideal for billers and bill recipients
Suitable for any size business

Electronic, VAT-compliant invoicing process

Compared to a conventional invoicing process, it eliminates many time-consuming manual steps: Among other things, printing and mailing is eliminated for billers, and manual recording or scanning of the bill is eliminated for bill recipients.

What is e-invoicing?

  • E-Invoicing simplifies and speeds up your invoicing process
  • You can exchange electronic invoices with any trading partner, who is connected to Conextrade or another platform or a different provider, such as PostFinance, SIX Paynet, Tungsten and others
  • Swisscom offers different, cross-industry E-Invoicing variants
  • All you need is access to Conextrade. Logging on is easy, participation is inexpensive and worthwhile for SMEs as well as for large companies.

E-Invoicing Switzerland

  • All data provided by the biller will be converted to the receiver's format if necessary - as required by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration - and digitally signed
  • The invoice will be sent electronically with any attachments, such as pdf or protocols, to the invoice recipient
  • E-Invoicing supports bills with or without a purchase order reference and meets all legal requirements and conditions
  • The customer immediately receives all invoices electronically and digitally signed via the Conextrade marketplace
  • This involves very little effort for the biller, as well as the recipient of the invoice: you only have to agree on the document content once, then all invoices are automatically generated in the defined format

Swisscom is a SwissDIGIN (de) partner and fully supports the SwissDIGIN standard


E-Invoicing International

  • On the one hand, technology and processes are decisive for transnational electronic invoicing process, on the other hand there are the country-specific legal aspects 
  • E-Invoicing International focuses on technology and processes which meet all country-specific requirements
  • To ensure that you and your trading partner have legal certainty regarding the applicable procedures and technology in the international, VAT-compliant exchanging of invoices, Swisscom has created the required compliance documents for you and adapts them for the purpose of compliance in line with any changes to the law on an ongoing basis

E-Invoicing International is currently supported with respect to compliance for the following countries:

 Andorra (AD)

Iceland (IS)

Oman (OM)

Australia (AU)

Ireland (IE)

Poland (PL)

Austria (AT)

Isle of Man (IM)

Portugal (PT)

Belgium (BE)

Israel (IL)

Qatar (QA)

Bulgaria (BG)

Italy (IT)

Romania (RO)

Canada (CA)

Japan (JP)

Saudi Arabia (SA)

Croatia (HR)

Latvia (LV)

Singapore (SG)

Cyprus (CY)

Liechtenstein (LI)                

Slovakia (SK)

Czech Republic (CZ)              

Lithuania (LT)

Slovenia (SI)

Denmark (DK)

Luxembourg (LU)

South Africa (ZA)

Estonia (EE)

Malaysia (MY)

Spain (ES)

Finland (FI)

Malta (MT)

Sweden (SE)

France (FR)

Monaco (MC)

Switzerland (CH)

Germany (DE)

Morocco (MA)

United Arab Emirates (AE)

Greece (GR)

Netherlands (NL)

United Kingdom (GB)

Hong Kong (HK)

New Zealand (NZ)

United States of America (US)

Hungary (HU)

Norway (NO)


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