Electronic, VAT-compliant invoicing process

  • Conversion & digital signature
  • Sending
  • Traceability

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E-Invoicing at a glance

E-Invoicing is an electronic invoicing process that involves converting, validating and digitally signing the invoicing party’s data on the Conextrade platform, and sending them to the recipient. Furthermore, there is the option of archiving all data on the Conextrade platform. E-Invoicing is aimed at companies that would like to take advantage of a paperless invoicing process and achieve substantial process cost savings. E-Invoicing can also be combined with the electronic ordering process in order to realise an end-to-end electronic procurement and invoicing process (Procure2Pay/Order2Cash).

How does E-Invoicing work?

Conversion & digital signature

All data delivered by the invoicing party is converted to the recipient’s format and endorsed with a digital signature.


The invoice (structured invoicing data) is sent out to the invoice recipient electronically with all attachments such as PDFs or protocols.


The customer receives all invoices immediately, and with a digital signature via Conextrade. This allows him to keep track of all transactions on the Conextrade platform.

E-invoicing International

Conversion & digital signature
for more than 50 countries

 The invoice is endorsed with an electronic signature that complies with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements in the respective country.

Compliance document creation

To ensure legal security in relation to the procedures and technologies used for the international, VAT-compliant invoice exchange, Conextrade draws up the necessary compliance documents and adapts them to legal amendments in order to ensure compliance is maintained.

The benefits for your business


You can exchange electronic invoices with each business partner that is connected to Conextrade or another platform/provider (Interworking).


All you need is access to Conextrade. Registration is easy, participation is inexpensive – and is equally beneficial for large companies and for SMEs.

Legally secure

E-Invoicing facilitates invoicing with or without an order reference and satisfies all legal specifications and requirements.

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