Make calls with Microsoft Teams: Now with your Swisscom Mobile number, too

Stay reachable with your preferred phone number- regardless of your location and device.

MS Teams Telephony Mobile now available for enterprise customers with NATEL®go.

Microsoft & Swisscom: stronger together

Swisscom and Microsoft expand their collaboration: as a Swisscom customer, you receive practical additional functions that improve your calling experience with Microsoft Teams. This makes it even easier to make calls worldwide from the desktop or mobile app. We now offer you the option of making calls with your Swisscom Mobile number via Microsoft Teams. This means you can be reached at all times and can react to changes more quickly.

Exclusive benefits with Swisscom

Swisscom is the only ICT company in Switzerland to offer this further development of Microsoft Teams. This allows you to benefit from numerous advantages in a single application: Cost savings, comprehensive support, practical integration of your Swisscom fixed network number ‒ and now of your Swisscom Mobile number as well.

One application for all your communication needs

The integrated telephony solution allows you to harness the many opportunities of Microsoft Teams in the fixed network too. Make calls direct to the telephony network from the Microsoft Teams app.

Fixed-network and mobile numbers integrated quickly and easily.

Connect your Swisscom line quickly and easily with Microsoft Teams and assign telephone numbers to your users ‒ direct from your Teams Admin Center with no need for in-depth IT knowledge.

No infrastructure expenditure

The service is fully managed by Swisscom. No additional hardware is required, saving you the expense of costly in-house infrastructure.

Improved support

With the joint Microsoft and Swisscom Service Level Agreement, you receive comprehensive support and a highly reliable service.

Our current package

‘The Telephony solution makes Teams the essential tool for every business.’

Marcel Jampen, Division Manager Market, SWISSCOFEL

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