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Automate invoicing and ordering processes with Conextrade

Despite digitisation, the entry and releasing of invoices remains time consuming and prone to error. Further automating invoice processes, such as the accounts payable workflow, therefore offers considerable potential for optimisation and cost savings. With the Conextrade e-invoicing and e-procurement platform, you can digitise your invoicing and ordering processes quickly and easily.

Automated, custom invoice release

Conextrade facilitates the end-to-end digitisation of accounting runs, automating the release of invoices as far as possible and freeing up time for you to spend on value-adding work. Conextrade also supports the sending of invoices as customer-friendly eBills.

 Climate-neutral product

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Ihre Vorteile

  • Reduce effort and costs by automating your accounts payable workflow

  • Complete transparency over accounts payable management
  • Customer-friendly invoicing direct to the e-banking portal via eBill

Wann ist es die richtige Lösung?

Conextrade is ideal for companies that want to speed up their billing process. Whether you’re only starting out with automation or are interested in taking it further, Conextrade is a solution that lightens the load on you and your employees.

The benefits start with invoice receipt as the invoices go directly to the Conextrade Scan Center, where they are processed automatically. To enable automation of the accounts payable workflow, your release processes and criteria are mapped and digitised. You can send outgoing invoices directly to your customers’ e-banking portal as an eBill.

Warum mit Swisscom?

  • Benefit from the most comprehensive EDI and e-invoicing portfolio
  • Connect with trading partners over the leading EDI network
  • You receive 24/7 support, and your data remains in Switzerland

The first step

Our e-invoicing, eBill & e-procurement services     

Incoming invoices are converted, validated, digitally signed and then delivered to you on the Conextrade platform. There is the option of archiving all data on the platform.
E-invoicing can be combined with the electronic ordering process to enable a purely electronic procurement and invoicing process (Procure2Pay, Order2Cash).
With the accounts payable workflow, you automate the release of invoices and reduce administrative effort.
The accounts payable workflow is a flexible solution for companies that do not have their own invoice release workflow or want to customise and improve the efficiency of existing digital release processes. Incoming invoices are digitised using artificial intelligence (AI), meaning that the majority of invoices can be processed completely automatically and released for posting.
As a network partner of eBill(opens in new tab), Swisscom helps to simplify the processes in your company even further. You will also improve your customer experience and accommodate rising customer demands.
With eBill, you can send your invoices directly to your customers’ e-banking portal. Payment is completed in only a few clicks. eBill significantly improves payment practices. You’ll send up to five times fewer reminders.
With Scanning2E-Invoicing, you receive all accounts payable invoices electronically and in compliance with VAT requirements via Conextrade, regardless of whether your supplier issues the invoices electronically, on PDF or on paper. This processing chain starts with the scanning of invoices in the Conextrade Scan Center.

No more crumpled receipts, endless follow-ups, and patchy audit trails. Yokoy handles your expense process end-to-end, from receipt uploads and matching to data exports to your ERP system.

Conextrade in a nutshell

Learn how to automate and simplify the invoicing and ordering process.


Automated billing and ordering processes save paper. This improves your carbon footprint.

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