Print, scan and process documents: we’ll help you create a modern printing environment

Modern printing solutions can do more than simply print your documents on paper. With Document Workflow, you can integrate the solution into your existing environment and digitise your business processes. It simplifies your day-to-day work while enhancing quality and compliance, as well as user and customer experience.  


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Your benefits with Document Workflow

Save money

Swisscom helps you optimise your entire printing environment by reducing your infrastructure costs as well as your toner and paper consumption.

Digitisation process

Efficient processes are indispensable nowadays. Swisscom digitises your data and documents, enhancing the quality of your business processes.

User satisfaction

Easy, secure access to printing and scanning technologies at any time relieves your staff of routine everyday tasks.

Whether digital or analogue – the Managed Print Service and Document Services will help you to bring these two worlds together.

Modular services for efficient printing in your company  

Work more efficiently with your documents and save valuable resources at the same time. With the Managed Print Service (MPS), Swisscom ensures your printers are working optimally and economically.  

The right solution for every need.  


Service Level

A clear and simple zoning concept for printers at your business premises enables staff to access colour and A3 printing, scanning and other functions.  

Our customer support is available during local office hours or, if required, 24/7 with agreed repair times.


Back-end services

Swisscom handles all consumables for you, from purchase to storage to delivery to the printer.  

Add Follow-Me Printing or print and management servers as required.  

Manage documents simply and securely – from scanning to printing  

With Document Services, you can easily integrate users and their documents into digital and analogue processes while meeting your compliance obligations.

Input Workflow

Output Workflow 

Scan documents and start workflows directly in a wide range of target systems such as SAP, e-mail programs, Sharepoint or other storage solutions. More sophisticated enterprise content management systems such as Alexandria Archive may also be used.  

Problems with the processing of documents from various systems such as SAP or AS/400 are now consigned to the history books. With Output Workflow, you can prevent the unauthorised leakage of confidential data – including during the printing process.

Mobile Print

Easily print documents from mobile devices within your company. Give your guests the option of printing the documents they need directly.  

  • Secure authentication

    Launch printing by scanning a badge or entering a PIN

    Intelligent monitoring

    Sensitive data cannot be printed by every user

  • End-to-end encryption

      End-to-end encryption, including during cache storage

    Complete transparency

    Interactions auditable at any time

  • Watermark

    Protect printed documents


With Document Workflow, you work with an efficiently operated printer fleet and reduce infrastructure costs as well as the consumption of toner and paper. This means you can save resources and protect the environment.


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