SwissTrustRoom: FAQs

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Questions about features, login or digital signature? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about SwissTrustRoom here.


Who is SwissTrustRoom for?

Which data formats are supported?

Which browsers are supported?

Where can I get help with questions?

How long does it take to set up and activate SwissTrustRoom?

Can I try SwissTrustRoom free of charge?

How does SwissTrustRoom differ from other cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud?

How do I cancel SwissTrustRoom?

How long will the data be stored?


How is the SwissTrustRoom login protected?

What two-factor authentication options does SwissTrustRoom offer?

Can I change the password?

What should I do as a user if I have forgotten my password?

What should I do as a Community manager if I have forgotten my password?


What are the features of SwissTrustRoom?

Will I receive a notification if somebody releases a new document for me in SwissTrustRoom?

Can I download multiple documents at once?

Can I download entire folders including subfolders?

Can I upload entire folders including subfolders?

What is the maximum file size?

How do I upload files?

Can I add information to my Favourites?

Is it possible to edit documents offline?

What happens if I delete files, calendar entries or folders?

Can you prevent documents from being downloaded and printed out?

Is there a read-only feature with a superimposed custom watermark?

What happens with the data if I delete (‘wipe’) a Community?


Can anyone assign access authorisations for a Community data room?

Is it possible for me to see who has access to documents in the same data room?

Can I grant access to an individual document?

Can you give somebody temporary access to a data room?

Is there a personal data repository for my use alone?


Where is the data stored?

How does Swisscom protect the data in SwissTrustRoom?

Can Swisscom view any of the data stored in SwissTrustRoom?

Can Swisscom see who has access to my SwissTrustRoom Community?

Does Swisscom offer end user support?

What happens in the event of a server failure?

Is SwissTrustRoom audited by a third party?

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