ServiceNow: digitisation of business processes

Digitise and automate processes with ServiceNow services 

Get your company ready for the digital world: our end-to-end ServiceNow services will provide all the support you need to digitise your business processes. Discover sustainable added value through our comprehensive ServiceNow services – combining automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

ServiceNow in Switzerland 

Swisscom is your Swiss one-stop shop for the cloud-based ServiceNow managed service. By working together with us – a long-standing ServiceNow Elite partner – we can shape your business transformation according to your needs. Swisscom offers comprehensive consulting and all services, from design and implementation to support, operation and post-implementation maintenance. And for your industry or process-specific requirements, we can offer Built on ServiceNow Solutions via the ServiceNow store.

Swisscom’s ServiceNow managed service will help you to automate and optimise your workflows and processes, accelerating the digital transformation of your company.

 Climate-neutral product

Your benefits

  • Cost savings through automation and optimum resource utilisation
  • Greater efficiency when interacting with customers, employees and partners
  • Driving business growth and innovation

When is it the right solution?

Do you want to offer your stakeholders an optimum process experience and are you in need of applications to facilitate this? Are you looking for ways of working even more efficiently and strengthening customer loyalty?

Use our services to digitise your business processes, automate manual workflows and benefit from networked systems, and give your employees, partners and customers access to the data they need for their work at any time.  

With its ServiceNow platform services, Swisscom offers companies a straightforward solution for digitising their business processes and automating workflows. Not only will this improve the experience for customers, but also for your employees and partners. We also help you improve your HR, resource, sustainability, risk and compliance management. 

Why Swisscom?

  • Expertise: we give our customers long-term support and offer comprehensive end-to-end ServiceNow services.
  • Local: our ServiceNow experts are based in Switzerland. Our Centre of Competence is located within the EU, allowing us to offer even more flexibility for customers.
  • Complete package: we offer a comprehensive Swisscom portfolio, including contact centre and customer interaction management solutions. 

The first step 

Swisscom offers added value via Plug&Play in the ServiceNow store

Swisscom Incident Integration

Swisscom Incident Integration is an intelligent means of resolving problems more quickly.

FMN Now Suite

Federated Mission Networking (FMN) with Service Management and Control (SCM) from Swisscom and ServiceNow.

ServiceNow solutions 

A single platform providing core functionalities, on which a full range of workflows can be supported with Gen AI, machine learning and key features. The resulting end-to-end digitisation remains flexible, consistent and secure. Data and process silos within your business can be eliminated through intelligent integration options.

Customer and employee experiences are optimised with our customer interaction management solution, which automates and improves communication across all channels, from initial contact through to problem resolution.

Our out-of-the-box industry data models support specific use cases for industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Telco & Service Providers, Public, Healthcare, Manufacturing Industries, Energy & Utilities, Transport & Logistics and Retail.

Technology workflow applications support the end-to-end provision of services as well as the prevention of unexpected interruptions (for example in the areas of IT SM, IT OM and SecOps).

HR Service Delivery and Workplace Service Delivery increase productivity over the long term and boost employee satisfaction.

By using our applications, companies are able to centralise their service delivery, resulting in seamless operation. Functions such as Integrated Risk Management or Business Continuity Management enable employees to manage risks and system stability in real time.

With low-code or no-code, you can implement your customised end-to-end workflows on the ServiceNow platform.

Customer success stories 

Customer situation

Historic applications such as Lotus Notes are expensive to maintain and no longer meet current and future requirements.

Our solution

The new requirements can be better met with the dynamic low-code process definition. Use the ServiceNow portal to control modern workflows for your customers and employees.

Customer situation

The tool landscape in the company had become increasingly complex. At the same time, specific service workflows had to be aligned with core systems. The company was also lacking experts with a good understanding and clear procedures.

Our solution

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management, it is possible to automate an integrated, end-to-end workflow. The ServiceNow Agent Workspace gives employees access to enquiries and their status at any time, enabling optimum customer service.

Customer situation

IT risk management needed to become even more reliable, allowing an immediate response to new risks and threats.

Our solution

The ServiceNow security dashboard provides an overview of IT risks and threats, allowing you to increase resilience, set priorities correctly and respond swiftly.

‘Since all processes run via the ServiceNow platform of Swisscom, our customers always have full transparency.’

Stefan Ulrich, Head of Swiss Projects, Burkhalter Management AG


Digitised and automated business processes protect resources and the environment. This improves your carbon footprint.

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