Remote Access Service (RAS)

Remote Access Service – safe VPN access to the corporate network

The workplace is wherever your employees are: in the office, but also at home or on site with customers. That’s why access to company applications and data needs to work from anywhere - laptop, tablet and smartphone. RAS provides secure VPN access so that employees can work and contribute to company success whenever and wherever they are.

Remote Access Service provides flexibility

These days, flexible working is a must for every company. As is secure and available access to applications to safeguard business processes. RAS meets these requirements for flexibility from every device, while at the same time guaranteeing security. As RAS is based on the WAN service, you benefit from the Swisscom network’s high-quality features.

Your benefits

High usability thanks to simple access to the corporate network from any location

Secure, transparent VPN access in accordance with your security policies

Flexible working thanks to location-independent access to your applications and data

When is it the right solution?

You want to implement location-independent business processes, thus optimising your company’s potential. At the same time, you want to be seen as an attractive employer in a competitive labour market by offering flexible working. And comply with security requirements at all times.

To meet these demands, you need a Remote Access Service that offers flexibility, security and availability, but which also takes account of your employees’ usability requirements. The VPN solution also needs to meet company-specific requirements, such as geofencing/geoblocking and different authentication methods.

Customer login

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What’s in it for you:

  • Secure access to company resources
  • Swiss service, geo-redundant and highly available
  • Connect with the corporate network any time with the Always-on VPN option

Why Swisscom?

  • Security: We offer high availability, geo-redundancy and DDoS-protection for the RAS.
  • Integration: The always-on option seamlessly integrates devices into the corporate network and prevents direct internet access.
  • Geoblocking: We fulfil compliance requirements, such as access exclusively from Switzerland.

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Remote Access Service factsheet

Further links and services

Mobile ID

Enterprise Connect

Internet VPN access options

With Internet VPN access, authorised individuals have secure access to e-mails, documents, databases and client-server applications from any mobile device via the corporate network.

Always-On VPN

Always-On VPN prevents direct access to internet resources by automatically establishing a VPN connection. The connection is instantly established, and the user is seamlessly authenticated. Once the client is in the trusted corporate network, the VPN connection is stopped or disconnected.


For regulatory or security reasons, access to company data within certain sectors and companies is not permitted from specific countries or is only permitted from Switzerland. Geoblocking supports these requirements.

Strong Authentication

This strengthens access security by requiring two-factor authentication. In addition to user name and password, identity is also verified via the Mobile ID, Mobile ID app, hardware or SMS token.

Dynamic Split Tunneling

Reduces VPN traffic for software updates, patches, live streaming and SaaS applications and offers the possibility of dynamically excluding data traffic from the VPN tunnel using FQDN DNS resolution.



Typical Remote Access Service use cases

VPN connections are used to guarantee that internal and external employees have secure access to the necessary company data and applications, allowing you to facilitate flexible ways of working.

Flexible, scalable use and billing

This service can be used flexibly thanks to the pay-per-use billing model. You can start the solution with a PoV (proof-of-value) before subsequently using it productively. You can deploy it as a fall-back solution or simply start with a few users and scale it up later as needed.

Secure access from anywhere

External access for specific people

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