Highly secure collaboration platform for exchanging information confidentially
Straightforward operation using a web browser without special knowledge
Seamlessly formatted and legally valid electronic signatures for documents

Protect and exchange information.

In this age of digitisation, the topic of security has gained an even higher priority.
Particularly when it comes to securely filing, editing and exchanging sensitive documents and information – be it within the scope of a committee or when working within confidential projects.

Swiss Trust Room offers you a highly secure and user-friendly platform for both requirements:

Committee communication

Preparing for and conducting meetings of the Board of Directors or the Management Board is a particularly sensitive matter. Strategic papers need to be prepared, minutes need to be taken and resolutions must be documented without unauthorised persons gaining access.

Swiss Trust Room is the optimal solution for confidential, and efficient work in committees. Documents and information can be exchanged, be read and, optionally, be endorsed with a legally valid electronic signature on a highly secure, web-based platform.

Confidential projects

Another challenge is confidential communication between members of a task force, as well as in strategic projects. In particular, research findings, information about legal disputes, mergers and acquisitions, product development and data from consulting and HR projects are among the information that is not intended for public knowledge.

Swiss Trust Room provides a secure framework for cases like these. It ensures individually authorised users are offered a neutral, highly secure virtual space in which they can file, exchange and edit confidential information securely.

Your expert

Martin Silvano

Specialised Sales

This is Swiss Trust Room

  • Protection from a loss of image due to information leaks
  • Highly secure and user-friendly platform for exchanging sensitive information
  • Access to information for authorised users only
  • High-level user authentication, encrypted data transmission and storage
  • 100% Swiss solution, including service and data storage
  • Optional integration of the advanced and qualified electronic signature

Your benefits

  • Risk minimisation by means of secure exchange of confidential information and documents
  • Immediate availability and straightforward operation using a web browser
  • Retention of control in handling confidential data and information
  • Individual authentication model for in-house and external users
  • Each interaction is logged and can be retraced
  • Encrypted transmission and storage only
  • Adherence to compliance requirements

Swiss Trust Room

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