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Your highly secure portal for confidential documents and cooperation

SwissTrustRoom is the ideal solution for confidential, efficient committee work and strategic projects for boards of directors, management boards and project managers. Documents and information can be exchanged, read and, optionally, endorsed with a legally valid electronic signature on a highly secure, web-based platform. Since all activities are logged, adherence to compliance requirements is guaranteed.  


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Silvano Martin

Alliance Manager II

Your benefits with SwissTrustRoom

Complete discretion  

SwissTrustRoom works with any platform, giving you highly secure worldwide access to your confidential information.

High security standard  

SwissTrustRoom uses the latest encryption processes to protect your data from unauthorised persons.
A 100% Swiss solution with data stored in Switzerland.

Always available

User-friendly collaboration tools and worldwide availability facilitate efficient cooperation and guarantee full confidentiality without data leaks.

Confidential communication with authorities ans courts

Electronic legal transactions with courts and authorities without media breach. Secure service in the context of legal proceedings.


On the safe side. Anytime, anywhere.

Security is becoming increasingly important, especially when it comes to the protected storage, editing and sharing of sensitive documents and information. The platform has several security and authentication levels and prevents company information being viewed, modified or accidentally forwarded by unauthorised persons. 

Vertrag unterschreiben

Signing Room

With SwissTrustRoom, you can add a certified electronic signature to PDF documents easily, quickly and simply in accordance with Swiss law (and EU law from the end of 2019).
The integrated Signing Service optimizes business processes, protects documents from tampering and identifies the involved business partners.

Business presentation on corporate meeting.

Virtual data room

The virtual data room is specifically designed to exchange sensitive business information. Coordinate meetings, prepare strategy papers, lay down and distribute minutes and decisions. SwissTrustRoom simplifies confidential committee and project work as well as the signing of documents and contract documents.

Successful business people with gadgets

Exchange with authorities

Submit electronic submissions to authorities and courts with SwissTrustRoom Service. This is in line with the "Ordinance of the Federal Department of Justice and Police for the Recognition of Platforms for Safe Service in Court Proceedings (Recognition Ordinance Delivery Platform)" SR 272.11.

  • More than just exchanging information

    With SwissTrustRoom, you have all the essential features for an effective and secure collaboration while keeping the information confidential. 

  • Keep track

    Visibility and control of all information and activities for the confidential cooperation and transparent decision making.

  • Central storage

    The use of central data rooms is not only time saving but also significantly safer than distributed storage systems. Through a coordinated allocation of rights, only authorized users can view the data and edit documents. Project rooms support team and group work for the users.

  • Simplify the operation

    Digitally sign contract documents in PDF format. The printout and handwritten signing of the documents is no longer required.

  • Flexible permission granting

    Flexible permission granting and easy setup of privacy levels allow the efficient collaboration within your organization and across corporate boundaries.



Transparent and needs-based

All prices in CHF excluding VAT

Signing Room

Sign & Share

Billing per user

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Project Room Exchange

Confidential information

Billing per user

CHF85/ per month Calculate price
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Signature Identification (RA) / Training

Community Manager Training

Online training



Identification & Online Training



1’900.– per day


SwissTrustRoom in detail

We believe in strong partnerships

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Silvano Martin

Alliance Manager II

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All-in Signing Service

The All-in Signing Service offers legally binding electronic signing of documents and files in Switzerland and the EU/EEA.

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