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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Future-proof, IP-based complete solution for your voice communication
Central communication system and uniform network infrastructure
More efficient network operation with lower operating costs

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IP connection of your communication systems by means of SIP trunk

SIP trunking is the right solution for companies that have nationwide locations and want to centralise and simplify their communication structure. With SIP Trunking, your existing communication system is connected to the public telephony network via a private IP network.

The offer

The complete solution offers all the essential features of traditional telephony as well as state-of-the-art technology, meeting the highest standards in terms of security and reliability.


  • Connection of a central, IP-based communication system to the public telephone network
  • Good reliability and availability thanks to multi-level redundancy
  • Good voice quality thanks to the prioritisation of voice traffic on the Swisscom IP network
  • Optimum security thanks to trusted SIP trunking on Swisscom's own MPLS-capable IP network (LAN-I)
  • Free internal communication (via several SIP trunks)

Your benefits

  • Future-proof, IP-based complete solution
  • Central communication system and uniform network infrastructure for voice, data, video and UC
  • More efficient network operation with lower operating costs as well as lower overall costs (TCO) thanks to a uniform communication network
  • Free communication between the company's locations in Switzerland
  • Invoice reporting for simple and consolidated accounting

The products

VoIP Gate and now also Enterprise SIP are SIP trunking solutions provided by Swisscom, which can be implemented completely in line with your needs. You can find the factsheet for VoIP Gate below. Please contact us for information regarding Enterprise SIP.