Automated sports video content from the AWS cloud

«With Swisscom’s support, we migrated efficiently to AWS.»

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Simon Frei
DevOps Engineer, Asport

Asport makes moving images available and usable for sports, benefiting sports facility operators, teams, clubs, associations, sponsors and fans – in short, everyone involved in sport. Thanks to the latest IT services from the AWS public cloud, Asport makes the video platform highly available and ensures its scalability, so that premium-quality content is available to use.

About Asport:​

  • Technological services throughout the video production process – from production and distribution to content enhancement
  • Start-up based in Zurich and Austria
  • 12 employees

the project:

  • Migration of existing platform to the AWS cloud ​
  • Support from Swisscom using the ‘Well-Architected Review’
  • Provision of automated services and scaling as well as per-second billing based on infrastructure usage ​


Extreme peaks occur during the us of video productions and live streaming on video platforms. In addition, users have high expectations in terms of availability and quality. With an efficient infrastructure, it should be possible to keep costs to a minimum and for them to be incurred only when the infrastructure is used. Asport is therefore dependent on automatic scaling, especially during live event broadcasts when there is a high level of traffic.

“We were able to optimise significantly when we migrated to the AWS cloud, thanks to the support provided by Swisscom.”

Simon Frei, DevOps Engineer, Asport


With an efficient migration to the AWS global public cloud based on a standardised Well-Architected Review , Swisscom was able to support Asport’s technology team in jointly defining an optimum target architecture. This allows sporting stakeholders to make high-quality, automatically scaled video content available on their video platform at any time. The infrastructure required by the highly variable usage intensities is modified in a fully automated manner according to current requirements. AWS charges strictly on a usage basis, meaning that costs are not incurred if a service is not used for a certain period of time.


These Swisscom products are
successfully used by Asport

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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