Success Story E-nno

«Our efforts are focused on developing digital solutions, primarily funded by energy savings.»

Portrait von Vincent Riesen, Direktor des IHK

Maël Perret
CEO & Co-Founder

The story in brief:

E-nno algorithms are fed by numerous data sources, allowing them to adjust heat generation in real time to reduce energy consumption without reducing comfort. The company has been using the Swisscom network to connect and control technical equipment remotely throughout Switzerland since 2018.


Reducing the environmental impact of real estate.
In Switzerland, buildings are responsible for 45% of the country’s overall energy consumption and over 30% of its CO2 emissions. The main cause is heating. With 75% of the building stock built before 1990, it is vital to find solutions to accelerate the energy transition.

E-nno Switzerland SA

  • Branch: Energy
  • Headquarters: Geneva GE
  • Employees: 6

The project with Swisscom

  • 35% reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions since the first year, without renovation work.
  • Installed in over 50 buildings to date, with a further 150 buildings expected by the end of the year.
  • More than 200,000 data points collected annually, improving understanding of the building’s thermal behaviour and allowing the remote control of technical equipment.


A technology awarded with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label. Swisscom M2M SIM cards have been integrated into the technology developed by E-nno, allowing technical equipment and their servers to be linked independently of the building’s existing networks. This avoids the costs associated with installing an internet connection and guarantees a high degree of security and full control of the data journey. This bi-directional connection allows E-nno to collect, analyse and then transmit data to the technical equipment according to weather conditions and thermal behaviour to limit energy consumption while also guaranteeing optimum indoor comfort.


«In addition to being a win-win situation, the "pay as you save" business model pushes us to constantly innovate and improve our services.»


These Swisscom products are
successfully used by E-nno

Cellular IoT

With Cellular IoT, Swisscom offers organisations an integrated solution for worldwide IoT connectivity and central IoT connectivity management.

Benefits for E-nno

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Reduction in consumption from the third month.

Data is processed by algorithms to reduce the building’s environmental impact.

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Real-time energy monitoring

Real-time monitoring enables faults to be detected and engineers to be informed in the event of a malfunction.

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Accurate, reliable data

The customer and other stakeholders receive detailed data, facilitating proactive rather than reactive data management.