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«“99.9% of callers are automatically routed to the right point of contact.”»

Shahin Afshari,
Contact Centre Manager ELCO, ELCO Heating Solutions

Automatically routed to the right point of contact.

ELCO is the leading Swiss specialist in heat generation with gas and oil, and is also very active in the renewable energies division. Its customers benefit from the densest service network in the country, and can reach the right point of contact at ELCO around the clock via the service number.


On a cold autumn day, it is not unheard of for ELCO to receive 2500 calls. And no customer enjoys waiting on hold to explain his or her issue. ELCO aims for a high level of telephone service quality without needing to invest in expensive infrastructure. Furthermore, the goal of the solution is to enable optimum use of human resources.


Business Numbers with intelligent routing modules from Swisscom perfects customer interaction at ELCO. ELCO uses the configuration assistant in the Swisscom Extranet to adapt its call flows simply and quickly to current needs and available resources. The calls are routed based on the region or language of the caller or other criteria.

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Shahin Afshari

Contact Centre Manager, ELCO

Mister Afshari, please complete the sentences:

With Business Numbers …

“… we can route all customer calls quickly and precisely”.

We are pleased with the solution because …

“... it is unbelievably versatile and flexible”.

Our customers benefit from Business Numbers because …

“… they are served well immediately without redirection or queuing”.

My advertising slogan for Business Numbers is:

“Simple, highly professional, fun!”

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