Success Story of ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich

«Easy to use, highly available and very flexible: with eAlarm emergency, we’re on the safe side.»

Felix Egli,
Telecommunications Project Manager, ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich

Immediately deploy the right people to the right place in an emergency.

No valuable time is lost when accidents and breakdowns occur: ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich can alert and mobilise personnel with great precision thanks to eAlarm emergency from Swisscom.

The challenge: to send information to the right places in a flash.

ERZ’s 900 or so employees keep the whole of Zurich clean: they dispose of and recycle waste, generate electricity and heat, treat waste water and tidy up streets and other areas. The organisation is also responsible for the safety of its employees and facilities. A serious breakdown, such as in a water treatment plant or incinerator, could have devastating consequences for the environment. So it can act quickly in an emergency, ERZ depends on rapid, precise alerting of its crisis and first-aid teams. When its outdated alarm server needed replacing, the management looked for a new, web-based, highly available solution.

The solution: simple alerting and mobilisation from anywhere at the touch of a button.

“eAlarm emergency from Swisscom is exactly what we need,” explains Felix Egli, Telecommunications Project Manager. The system makes it possible to mobilise available first-aiders or the crisis team at the touch of a button – this is usually the job of the ERZ Customer Service Centre. Team members are alerted via mobile phone and can quickly decide what action to take in a teleconference set up immediately on their phones. Since eAlarm emergency is centrally hosted, alerts can be sent at any time, from anywhere – meaning, for example, that additional personnel can be sent directly to the scene of an incident. A virtually unlimited number of SMS messages can also be sent at the same time. Thanks to its modular system architecture, eAlarm emergency can be flexibly tailored to ERZ’s needs.

The result: reassuring safety with minimal investment.

“We only pay for what we actually use,” says a delighted Felix Egli. “We also don’t need to invest in expensive hardware. eAlarm emergency is a sophisticated, redundantly designed and highly available solution: what blue-light organisations use is certainly good enough for us! Thanks to the teleconferences, everyone involved has exactly the same information at all times – we can therefore respond to incidents quickly and in a targeted way. We value Swisscom as a reliable partner who keeps our data in Switzerland.”

ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich

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