In emergency and crisis situations,
every second counts.

With our eAlarm Managed Services, you can count on a professional, simple and reliable alarm service – anytime, anywhere.


Respond proactively to save time, money and nerves, and therefore save lives. eAlarm actively helps you manage crisis situations, from accidents and natural disasters to IT breakdowns. Wherever you are, at the touch of a button, you can alert relevant groups of people via a range of communication channels in order to deal with crisis and emergency situations.


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With eAlarm you are ideally prepared for emergencies and crises.


You can reach specific groups of people via various communication channels – simultaneously or in sequence.


In an emergency, we will give your SMS messages and mobile calls priority so you can reach the people you want more quickly.

Independent infrastructure

Don’t worry about your alarm system. It is guaranteed to work, even if everything else is out of action.

Data and operation in Switzerland

Your data is protected and available 24/7 in our Swiss-based data centres. The solution is also monitored and operated in Switzerland.

There are now two versions of eAlarm: eAlarm crisis and eAlarm emergency.
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With eAlarm crisis, you can easily respond to specific emergencies and crises in your company.

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Raise the alarm quickly and reliably in serious situations with eAlarm emergency – when every second counts.

Factsheet eAlarm emergency

(PDF File, English)


Target group

Blue-light organisations and
protection for single workers


Coverage of complex situations |
frequent use

Standardisation level

low | customised (modular)

Integration level

standalone | integration with operations control systems, building management systems & technical alarms


one-off and monthly costs |
traffic costs per alerted device

Possible alarm devices

App, SMS, SMSPrio, Voice, VoicePrioMobile, e-mail, fax, pager, radio call, paging system

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