eAlarm crisis – Your emergency alert solution

Prepare your company’s response to emergencies

Emergency and crisis situations are complex and arise unexpectedly. In an emergency, an alert solution ensures you are optimally prepared and can respond instantly. By defining potential crisis scenarios in advance and preparing emergency procedures carefully, you gain valuable time to defuse and successfully resolve emergency situations.

eAlarm crisis – your reliable emergency alert system

Protect your employees and maintain your operational values with a sophisticated emergency response plan for your company. Use our proven, intuitive alert solution, which performs accurately, even in hectic situations.  

With eAlarm crisis, you can instantly notify the right people using several different channels. The operational crisis unit initiates the predefined measures, allowing you to deal with a wide range of emergencies, such as industrial accidents, evacuations and violent incidents, as well as cyberattacks and IT failures. For compliance reasons and to safeguard your business continuity, all emergency procedures are fully documented.  

Purchase optional services as required, such as geofencing, and send dynamic real-time alerts to individuals based on their current location within defined zones. If required, you can extend the alert functions to include a monitored connection to a third-party system (watchdog) or to a building and security management system. This allows you to trigger predefined alerts even if there are connection problems.

Your benefits

  • Protect your employees in emergency and crisis situations
  • Safeguard your company’s operational values and minimise risks
  • Return to normal business operations as swiftly as possible  

When is it the right solution?

Are you looking for a comprehensive emergency alert solution that will immediately initiate reliable countermeasures in an emergency or crisis? Do you need a constant overview of the responses and availability of the people alerted in an emergency, allowing you to continually reassess the risks?

Swisscom’s emergency alert solution provides access to all communication channels, so you can act swiftly and reliably in emergency situations.

Why Swisscom?

  • Autonomous: geo-redundant, autonomous infrastructure for maximum availability at all times
  • Secure: data stored in Switzerland with personal customer care and support in your region
  • Scalable: all communication channels are scalable and grow with your needs

Your path to an emergency alert solution


An overview of the emergency alert system

Protect your employees and safeguard your operational values during emergencies and crisis situations.

eAlarm crisis in practice

An employee finds a work colleague unconscious in the stairwell of the company building. She immediately calls the emergency response officers on her smartphone. eAlarm crisis remotely launches a pre-prepared conference call. The caller is connected to the local emergency response officers and a medical expert.

Thanks to geo-alerting, the solution immediately identifies the closest emergency response officer and how to get first aid to the work colleague as quickly as possible.  

The entire corporate network has to be shut down due to a cyberattack. As eAlarm crisis operates independently of the corporate network, it can still be accessed from any device.

The employees in charge simply select the relevant alert scenario so that the crisis team can be mobilised via phone call, SMS and conference call and the next steps can be taken.  

Sensors in equipment and machines report even the slightest deviation in high-tech machinery reliably. The expert mobilised by the alert conducts an in-depth, on-site risk assessment. If required, the expert triggers a further alert to ensure that equipment and products are not damaged and any production interruption is as short as possible.

If the fire alarm system detects smoke, eAlarm crisis automatically triggers an alert to the evacuation leader via app, SMS and voice call. This person goes straight to the predefined location and immediately initiates a building evacuation.

Other emergency organisations, such as the fire brigade and the crisis communication team, are also alerted to fight the fire and proactively manage any media requests.  

An employee is engaged in a violent incident and threatens the HR manager. Work colleagues have observed the incident and call the internal emergency number. This triggers a predefined alert scenario which notifies several security officers.

As one of the security officers is ill and reported as unavailable, an additional escalation plan is automatically launched. This second alert scenario mobilises colleagues who go straight to the scene to de-escalate the situation.

The predefined alert scenarios and escalation plans allow eAlarm crisis to issue rapid, targeted alerts. Effective fallback scenarios are stored to manage emergencies proactively and as quickly as possible.  

Emergency systems in action


«The solution enables us to be responsive and to alert the right group of individuals 24/7.»

Operations Director, Vaudoise Arena

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