“Thanks to IoT, remote maintenance makes service more efficient.”

With remote diagnostics and remote maintenance, Meier Tobler (Climate Switzerland) Ltd is making the heat pump service more efficient. Data transmission via an IoT platform allows problems to be responded to quickly. And, thanks to the new “smart-guard” service, customers no longer have to worry about their heating.


Heating systems that make use of renewable energies are becoming more and more popular. In the case of heat pumps that are deemed maintenance-free, customers generally forgo a service subscription – which is poison for the classic service business. With the new end-to-end service “smart-guard”, Meier Tobler is aiming to strengthen customer loyalty and guarantee customers worry-free operation of their heating system.


Heat pumps are factory-fitted with sensors and a controller with an interface. They are connected to the Internet by means of a mobile communications gateway. The data is read out via the Swisscom IoT cloud and stored in a central platform. The remote diagnosis team at Meier Tobler can use a service dashboard to view the operating status, set parameters, optimise the heat pump remotely, detect problems early and troubleshoot. The service technicians now only need to visit customers if a part needs to be replaced.

Meier Tobler (Climate Switzerland) Ltd
  • Sector: Heating, air conditioning, service
  • Location: Schwerzenbach (headquarters)
  • 2016 turnover: around CHF 240 million
  • Employees: 774 (full-time positions)

Thomas Grolp

Head of Intranet & Internet, Meier Tobler Ltd

Mr Grolp, please complete the following sentences:

With the IoT solution...

“... we are laying the foundation stone for a data-driven company and are using remote maintenance to increase our efficiency.”

Meier Tobler decided on this solution because...

“... Swisscom is a skilled partner that guides an IoT project from the idea to operation.”

The benefits to Meier Tobler include...

“... efficient service, satisfied customers and a future-proof business model.”

Your advertising slogan for the solution is:

“The all-round worry-free package for our heat pump customers.”

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Cellular IoT

With Cellular IoT, Swisscom offers organisations an integrated solution for worldwide IoT connectivity and central IoT connectivity management.

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