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Cablex Ltd

Swisscom’s swift, targeted implementation was key to the project team's acceptance.

Facts & Figures

March 2021

Company Facts:

Company: cablex Ltd

Industry: Network infrastructure & service

Number of employees: More than 2,500

Project Facts:

  • Providing transparency about project progress, especially in testing
  • Designing and managing a practicable complex SAP project
  • Integration of many departments and roles via SAP Focused Build

SAP Focused Build: keeping track of projects at all times

cablex Ltd is the leading Swiss company for high-performance ICT and network infrastructures in fixed-wire and wireless networks with the highest bandwidths. Solutions to increase capacity and security in tunnels or on overground lines as well as in road or rail transport are also part of the broad portfolio. cablex also creates secure and efficient infrastructures for highly flexible and smart energy transport networks or for e-mobility.


All cablex customers are the focus of public attention and include telecoms providers with mobile and fixed networks, rail and road network operators, and electricity producers. They operate extensive network and ICT infrastructures, including large data centres, alongside their core infrastructure, such as communications networks, railway networks or power plants.


To support these demanding customers and ensure maximum reliability and deadline observance even in complex projects, cablex relies on smooth-running processes. The demands on day-to-day project management are thus extremely high.



SAP S/4HANA is integral to this. SAP Focused Build provides employees with a contemporary, state-of-the-art working environment with the latest tools to support them in their daily work. It ensures that any problems or bottlenecks that arise in ongoing projects are detected at an early stage.


For the implementation of SAP S/4HANA and SAP FSM, cablex opted for an integrated approach using SAP Focused Build based on the SAP Solution Manager. This created an integrated development approach with a clearly defined requirements-to-deploy process.



cablex can now demonstrate project and development progress at any time based on real data from development and production systems. Project progress is measured on the basis of data from the system and can be viewed by all project participants at any time. This leads to a strengthening of governance and greater audit compliance. Using state-of-the-art SAP Fiori user interfaces leads to significantly improved user-friendliness.



Added value for cablex


Shared data sources enable completely transparent progress monitoring, resulting in shorter and more efficient status and project progress meetings among other things.

Added value for cablex customers


Thanks to the SAP S/4HANA system, customers have a central ALM solution, resulting in a defined and transparent development process for SAP developments and customising. The deliverables from the project, such as process structures, requirements documents and test cases, can also be reused in operation.

Driving digital innovation


The SAP S/4HANA system offers the speed, transparency and flexibility that cablex and its customers need to progress.


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