Business process management 

Core business applications –  a solid IT foundation 

It’s a difficult choice: continue to invest in your old ERP system and existing core business applications, upgrade to new versions or replace your current ERP system completely?
The reasons for this dilemma are many and varied: your ERP system may be outdated and expensive to maintain as automatic updates or releases have stopped being developed for it. Perhaps the system no longer meets current security standards and further development would be too costly. If you do want to completely replace your outdated ERP system, however, this will similarly involve a significant investment of financial and human resources.

ERP system optimisation or replacement

Regardless of whether you are planning to transform your existing ERP system or are looking into purchasing a new one, Swisscom’s Business Process Management consulting is the first step on your way to a successful project. We support you with the evaluation, planning, implementation and operation of a new ERP system or will help you get the most out of your existing one. We’ll help you work cheaper and faster, improve quality, drive innovation and optimise operations performance.

To be able to provide market-oriented services and design efficient internal processes, complete integration of your ERP system is vital. This is key to breaking down silos within an organisation. A strong IT foundation will help you survive in times of fierce competition and uncertain supply chains, and ensure that you are able meet the challenges presented by shrinking margins, rising costs and the pressure to innovate.

Standardisation if possible, customisation if necessary

Swisscom’s Business Process Management consulting is the first step towards overcoming all these ERP-related challenges and determining the right (cloud) ERP provider for your company. Standardised software will help you reduce complexity, increase security and keep operation and development costs low, freeing up capacity to respond flexibly to changing market conditions. Our industry-specific core applications lay the foundation for differentiation in the market, for example through shorter time to market and optimised customer experiences.

What sets Swisscom’s Business Applications service apart

In-depth expertise

Swisscom is the largest ERP implementer in Switzerland with a focus on manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial services and the public sector.

Valuable optimisation of processes

You focus on innovation, your customers and your important core processes. We’ll take care of everything else.

Extensive experience

We know the best practices and take advantage of the best available solution for each industry and business area.

We provide support for these ERP solutions

SAP for businesses

SAP services

Discover the extensive possibilities offered by digital business transformation with SAP.

Abacus ERP software

Abacus business software from Axept

Let Swisscom subsidiary Axept implement your Abacus ERP or digital construction management project. For the digital transformation of your business.

Expertise in other core applications

AdCubum Syrius

Software for insurance

Rely on the leading Swiss software for all health and accident insurers.

Finnova & Avaloq

Core banking systems and services

Benefit from the possibilities of modern banking platforms and services.


Alerting in emergencies and crisis situations

Act proactively and send alerts quickly and reliably at any time.


Software for emergency service organisations

The software solution for the police, fire and ambulance services.

65% of Swiss companies surveyed intend to migrate to SAP S/4HANA within the next 2 years.

CxO 2021/22 – Investment Priorities

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Use a cloud ERP and do without your own server infrastructure. This reduces your carbon footprint.

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