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«Cloud Access ensures that all our cloud applications run smoothly»

Philipp Schenker, Head of ICT

The story in brief:

Cloud Access from Swisscom allows login to operate its applications in the cloud just as efficiently as in its own data centre.

login is a leading provider of attractive and needs-based vocational training and makes a significant contribution to securing the next generation in the world of transport. As an education partner of SBB, BLS, RhB, VöV and around 50 other companies, login organises market-oriented vocational apprenticeships, internships and further education.

About login vocational training Ltd

  • Industry: Education
  • Employees: approx. 150
  • Service users: approx. 4'500 

About the project

  • Integration of the Azure Cloud into the company network
  • Cloud Access is operated and monitored from data centres located only in Switzerland 


This product is used by login vocational training Ltd

Cloud Access from Enterprise Connect

Cloud Access establishes a fast, reliable connection between your company infrastructure and external clouds such as Azure and AWS as well as Swisscom Cloud solutions.

Business challenge

The challenge for login was to ensure reliable connectivity from the company network (WAN) to the cloud with high availability and good performance, while minimising security risks. It was also crucial to have a clear point of contact in order to respond quickly and effectively to any problems.

Portrait: Philipp Schenker

«Cloud Access ensures that all our cloud applications run smoothly»

Philipp Schenker, Head of ICT

Technical solution

With Cloud Access, Swisscom offers a reliable and scalable private fibre-optic connection that greatly reduces security risks and provides optimal resilience. Traffic is routed entirely over private connectivity. Thanks to its consistent performance without fluctuations in values such as latency and jitter, and the ability to adjust bandwidth at any time, Cloud Access is a future-proof solution for login.

As an Azure Express Route provider, we supply everything from a single source: from the routers at login to the transfer point in the Azure Cloud - without third-party partners. Our end-to-end SLA of 99.99% ensures high availability and protection against outages. Cloud Access can be easily and quickly configured and managed using the Enterprise Connect Dashboard.