Your sure-fire route to the cloud

We all know the saying, “All roads lead to Rome”. You could say the same about the cloud. But for speed and security, Cloud Access from Enterprise Connect wins every time. With Cloud Access, you enjoy a reliable connection to Swisscom Cloud solutions as well as public clouds.


Cloud Access quickly explained


Your benefits with Cloud Access

Cloud Access is an Enterprise Connect service, the software-defined networking (SDN) based network solution from Swisscom. The service allows efficient management of your hybrid cloud environment. Cloud Access can be combined with any other Enterprise Connect services, such as WAN or LAN. Swisscom Cloud Access is operated and monitored from data centres located in Switzerland.

Easy dashboard-based configuration

You can configure Cloud Access conveniently in near real-time using the dashboard. All thanks to our SDN-based network solution Enterprise Connect, with a range of further services, such as LAN, WAN and Internet, etc.


Greater security and reliability

Connections over Cloud Access do not use the public Internet, which makes them more secure, reliable and faster than conventional Internet connections. 

All clouds from a single source

Cloud Access connects your network to Swisscom Cloud solutions and to public clouds, such as Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle and many others. For an optimal hybrid environment.

Direct connection to Azure

Swisscom is the biggest Microsoft and AWS partner in Switzerland and the only Swiss provider to offer a direct connection to Azure and AWS. Secure and cost efficient.

“From the router at your location to the cloud. Swisscom is the only Swiss company that can offer E2E in a single service.”


Cloud Access from Enterprise Connect – connection overview

Cloud Access establishes a fast, reliable connection between your company infrastructure, public clouds and Swisscom Cloud solutions.

Cloud Access establishes a fast, reliable connection between your company infrastructure, public clouds and Swisscom Cloud solutions.

The right clouds for your business – Cloud Access from Enterprise Connect has everything you need 

Microsoft Azure

Swisscom is Switzerland's largest Microsoft partner. You can purchase your Microsoft subscription direct from Swisscom as a one-stop solution. With more than 250 certified Microsoft® engineers (MCP) and security consultants, Swisscom is the biggest Microsoft® partner in Switzerland, giving you access to one of the leading global public clouds.


Amazon Web Services 

As a certified advanced consulting partner of AWS, Swisscom will give you access to the biggest cloud around. Relying on our extensive cloud transformation expertise, we will help you design, implement, migrate to and run your cloud-based solutions. AWS is also suitable for hybrid environments.



Swisscom Cloud

Swisscom’s cloud solutions are run from the company's own tier 4 data centres, which maintain the highest security standards in Switzerland. Swisscom will support you through the entire process, from strategy and integration through to operation, and offers additional services, including managed services, orchestration of your cloud, Platform-as-a-Service solutions, Enterprise Cloud for your SAP applications and much more besides.


Our partner


What our customers say

  • Portrait: Philipp Schenker

    Schweizer Zucker AG

    Fernando Kummer
    Head of IT

    “Cloud Access guarantees first-class performance and a future-proof infrastructure.”

  • Portrait: Philipp Schenker

    login vocational training Ltd

    Philipp Schenker
    Head of ICT

    “Cloud Access ensures that all our cloud applications run smoothly”

  • Portrait: Philipp Schenker

    Planzer Transport AG

    Tobias Resenterra
    Head of IT

    “Cloud Access provides the optimal performance, security and availability for our multi-cloud environment.”

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