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«Through the workshops, we have created a basis for implementation.»

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Erich Giesinger
Head of Web Services Internet Security, NZZ AG

The NZZ is in a phase of digital transformation. In order to be able to respond flexibly to today's requirements, the management relies, among other things, on cloud services – with the current focus on AWS. Swisscom is supporting NZZ in setting up and designing the new infrastructures in AWS’s global public cloud. This will increase operational agility and IT security.

About NZZ:

  • 16 print and digital products
  • 800 employees
  • Around 70 “NZZ Live” events per year

About the project:

  • Construction of a secure, multi-account AWS environment for multiple products
  • The landing zone on AWS is made ready for appropriate workloads
  • Ensuring data security and governance, unified access management and connectivity services


To use AWS services, the NZZ needs centralised identity and access management as well as unified governance. Most importantly, the system is also expected to become more agile so that it can integrate new services and features quickly and easily.


Thanks to its extensive expertise, Swisscom has been able to provide NZZ with significant support in the design and construction of a new cloud framework (landing zone on AWS) and thus lay the foundations for its future in the cloud. The company is now able, quickly and agilely, to provide standardised AWS environments for the required workloads and for new services. This means that the relevant applications can be used more efficiently.


These Swisscom products are successfully used by NZZ

Amazon Web Services

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