With Volvo On Line our customers can use Internet apps in their cars even more conveniently.

Basil Soland

Connectivity Manager
Volvo Car Switzerland AG


Facts & Figures

June 2019

Company Facts:

Company name: Volvo Car Switzerland AG

Location: Zurich

Industry: Automotive industry

Employees: ca. 50

Support for the Volvo service team

Thanks to a prepaid IoT SIM card from Swisscom, which is integrated by default, Swiss Volvo drivers have permanent online access in their vehicles. The solution is based on Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) Stores from Swisscom - which enable customers to manage their data volumes independently while reducing the burden on the Volvo service team at the same time.


The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is regarded as a pioneer in the Connected Car segment. As early as 2001, it integrated a vehicle-based telematics system into its cars called Volvo On Call, which can be used to request breakdown assistance and rescue services quickly and easily in the event of an incident. Volvo On Call has long since become a networked service platform that enables car owners to call up vehicle data at a distance, locate their car or preheat it.


In order to be able to use additional online applications such as traffic, music or weather services, Volvo owners could previously pair their own mobile phone with the vehicle via Bluetooth or WLAN. To do this, however, the phone had to be in the car and had to be fully charged. A further connection possibility was to install a SIM card from any provider, which the car owner had purchased him/herself, in the car. For the Volvo representatives, however, this meant a high level of support, as there were no clear points of contact in the event of problems.


Volvo Car Switzerland AG was therefore looking for a way to offer its customers simple, convenient Internet access in the car while, at the same time, reducing additional work for its representatives. They therefore decided to obtain support from the IoT specialists (Internet of Things) from Swisscom.


Swisscom developed a solution called Volvo On Line. At the customer's request, the Volvo representative installs a prepaid IoT SIM card from Swisscom in the vehicle and activates it immediately. The car is automatically connected to the Internet via the powerful mobile network. This enables the drivers to use a wide variety of digital services. For example, they can listen to their favourite music while on the move via music streaming services such as Spotify, call up traffic and weather data in real time, communicate their current location via Glympse or arrange a service appointment for their car via the Connected Service Booking function. The hotspot function also provides passengers with fast Internet access, allowing them to be entertained by video streaming services, among other things. Thanks to integrated data roaming, there are no additional charges for all these services, even in other European countries.


All processes run in the background via Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) Stores, a turnkey B2B2C solution from Swisscom that includes a web front-end and payment service integration, which Volvo can use to offer its customers simple and convenient connectivity solutions. Via the specially branded portal, Volvo owners can manage their subscriptions independently and, for example, store automatic options for extending contract terms, booking data packets or making runtime adjustments.


In addition to customer added value, the solution also has advantages for Volvo itself: First of all, Swisscom handles both the operation of the portal and invoicing as well as the overall support. This enabled Volvo to significantly relieve the workload of its representatives.


In 2020, Volvo wants to introduce the next generation of the Sensus user interface, which is based on Google Android. Thanks to Volvo On Line, Swiss Volvo drivers will then have access to countless other Internet applications.

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