Success Story of Planzer Transport AG

«Swisscom was there at the right time with the right offering.»

Peter Hagen ,
Head of IT and member of the Board of Directors, Planzer Transport AG

MRP data now bang on target

Increases in operational efficiency and transparency for customers were Planzer’s aims in equipping over 1000 vehicles with mobile terminals. Thanks to an end-to-end solution from Swisscom, data now flows reliably between corporate servers and vehicles.

The initial situation: how does data reach the road?

Planzer has had an IPSS network for several years now. And it develops its own haulage and logistics software – a key element in its corporate strategy. The previous system of transmitting data to drivers via phone and paper forms was becoming outdated in view of the new technology now available. By installing state-of-the-art mobile terminals in its vehicles and integrating them into its corporate network and software, Planzer wants to provide its customers with a better service, improve the quality and efficiency of its services and reduce costs.

The solution: mobility means that your MRP data reaches every destination

Swisscom developed a convincing end-to-end solution in record time. The acceptance report was signed just two months after kick-off. Swisscom installed Corporate Network Access (CNA) between the mobile on-board equipment and the corporate network using LAN-I over IPSS. The company’s servers communicate with the mobile terminals in real time via CNA – regardless of their location. Planzer drivers receive detailed job information, acknowledge receipt of this, and both headquarters and customers are kept informed of the status of transmissions at all times.

The customer benefits: things are moving much better

Thanks to the CNA solution, the process of dispatching and collecting deliveries is now much more efficient. The seamless transmission of data has overcome several problem areas experienced in the previous system. It enables material requirements planning to take place even more accurately, which also leads to optimum vehicle utilization, generating both economic and ecological added value. Planzer now offers its customers a superior track&trace service, thereby profiling it-self as an innovative partner. According to Peter Hagen, Planzer is positively surprised by the high service availability – especially in outlying regions. What’s more, Swisscom provides Planzer with everything from a single source, from people who are familiar with Planzer’s working methods.

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