Cloud-based database future

On the way to the cloud: modernising Oracle databases

Oracle databases have provided digital data storage for numerous business applications in the corporate world since the 1980s. The combination of security, high scalability and availability makes them suitable for virtually any use case. But the resources required to maintain them should not be underestimated.

Text: Michael Waldmeyer (Trivadis) & Marion Gloor (Swisscom),

The rising number of customer enquiries concerning database modernisation underlines the fact that purely on-premise environments will no longer be sufficient to meet business demands in the foreseeable future. Constantly changing market requirements mean there is continuous pressure to modernise business applications and, consequently, their databases. In other words, anyone who does not try to modernise and move away from on-premise services will be left in the shadows by their competitors before too long.

Many companies still trust Oracle databases

Oracle databases remain an inherent part of the modern IT landscape and will remain so in the future. Many industries need and trust the performance and security procedures that they provide. Using such databases is resource-intensive, not least on account of the high investment in IT resources (hardware), the cost of creating, operating and maintaining databases and the associated need for specialist knowledge.
Not surprisingly, few companies can access such skills and resources in-house. This is where the cloud can help. Whether their IT strategy is traditional, hybrid or purely cloud-oriented, most companies will need to modernise their databases. Only those with a firm grip on their data will be able to meet the challenges of the future, make the right decisions and develop new business models and services.

A sustainable database future

The demands on a modern database environment could not be more varied: on one side, there are technical aspects such as availability, stability, connectivity, compatibility and technological development. On the other are business aspects such as strategy, time to market, new business models, cost pressure or investment strategy (CAPEX/OPEX). And last but not least, we should not forget external factors over which companies have no control, such as state regulations (data protection, Finma, Cloud Act, etc.), economic trends and environmental impacts.

How do you go about tackling all these challenges? With Database as a Service (DBaaS)

The Managed Oracle Database Service paves the way for a secure database future. Designed for simple or performance-intensive, business- and security-critical applications, the service offers the perfect platform for companies wishing to migrate their applications and data to the modern IT world. Scalably, reliably and securely.
While Swisscom provides the data centre, connectivity and Swiss cloud environment, Trivadis develops and operates the database platform.

Managed Oracle Database Service explained in two minutes

The Managed Oracle Database Service is a cloud-based database service from Switzerland for Switzerland. It is unique, since no other Oracle managed service offers development, data storage and support all from Switzerland.

Roland Bieri, Swisscom’s Head of Product House Security & Cloud, is a happy man: “Thanks to the partnership between Swisscom and Trivadis, our customers can not only delegate data management and focus on their core business, they can also rely on Swisscom’s secure Swiss cloud.” A service that is more than just a “nice to have”, especially for companies with high data security requirements.

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