Virtual customer service

Receiving customers and providing consultations in the 21st century

Personal consulting is central to service providers. Video consulting can be used to add to customer services and ensure that specialists are deployed optimally.

Text: Urs Binder, Images:  ©Strandperle &  ©acrevis Bank,

Until now, bank customers who value receiving one-on-one advice from the best specialists usually had to wait a long time to get an appointment and be willing to make a journey. From early 2018, the Swiss regional bank acrevis will be breaking new ground at their Rapperswil-Jona branch by receiving customers on a virtual system when they enter the bank lobby. A member of the advisory team, who is actually sitting in a studio at the bank’s headquarters in St. Gallen, greets customers on a large screen as they enter the branch. In two specially equipped rooms, customers can receive advice over a video consulting channel using multimedia technology supported by document sharing from an expert sitting at the headquarters or another branch or, if they prefer, face-to-face.

Thanks to the new technology, customers get to benefit from longer opening hours and can consult the right specialist for their needs via video consulting. Unlike pure online solutions, direct personal contact with the bank employee still remains the focus. Customers can still use the online digital offering, but now they have an alternative. While benefiting from the digital advice on offer, during the online session customers can also decide to discuss their affairs face-to-face and make an immediate appointment.

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The video consulting is based on the AdiaLive video consulting solution from Adiacom, a software developer from Aarau. It complies with Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) requirements for banking systems and can be expanded, right down to the signature on the product contract.

One of the first companies to use AdiaLive was not a bank, however, but a live online advice line for household appliances, which has been operating successfully since 2014. Generally speaking, you can use the solution in any scenario where services and products are offered on an online channel, or at the point of sale or point of information.

The system is based on the WebRTC open standard and is modular in structure, which is something not to be sniffed at. This means that you do not have to start off big, but can begin with a small sub-project to test your ideas and their acceptance by the customer.

Video Consulting Solution

Swisscom is offering this video consulting solution as a 360-degree turnkey solution from a single source. Services range from consulting, equipping customer service adviser’s workstations and product studios, through to connectivity and computing. The solution can be used on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC or on-screen in a branch, and can be easily integrated into websites, kiosk solutions and dedicated information systems.

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